Suspension dipping thick pump successfully solve the emulsification "troubled"

Since May, the first branch of Tahe Oilfield in Northwest Branch has adopted the hanging immersion type thickening pump in TK234 well, which successfully solved frequent flushing and sweeping problems caused by emulsification of heavy oil during high water cut period and changed the original 3- 5 days frequent stop pumping wells, sweep the passive situation, an increase of 420 tons of crude oil production, while saving about 50,000 yuan cost, reducing production costs. In addition, the successful application of the Petro-TECH inverter control system at Well AN1 on February 4 changed the troublesome tasks of replacing and replacing the pulleys, reduced the energy consumption, and accumulated rich Experience, initial calculation to increase production of 1680 tons, the above two new technology cumulative increase of 2100 tons of oil.

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