Students eat graduating school meals and get drunk and inmates escort back to school security

Students eat graduated meals with a team of escorted escort back to school security diesel generator | diesel generator price / 2012-06-29

At 10 o'clock the day before yesterday (27), members of the Xiaoguancheng squad of the Chaoyang District (Beijing) patrolled the east gate of Huixinli Community. They saw a drunk-headed student kneeling on the shoulders of his classmate and his companions were overwhelmed. sweat. In order to prevent danger on the road, the urban management team volunteered to send this senior graduate back to the dormitory.
Urban management team members said that a group of students were together and they were all senior graduates from a nearby university. Immediately after graduating, the students ate together to spread meals, a boy drunk too much drunk. As the drunk boys were tall, his companions were so tired that they couldn't stop a taxi nearby.
Considering that all the students had already drunk, in order to prevent them from being out of danger late at night, the city management team immediately drove the students to the dormitory in the school. Students thanked the city management team for their help.
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