Speed ​​up the response mechanism and processing speed of the oil pump circuit failure

The air supply oil pump power distribution room switch cabinet to the control cable of the field control cabinet is short-circuited to the grounding wire, so that the induced voltage of the control circuit is reduced, and the normal operation of the air compressor oil pump can be temporarily guaranteed. Once the air compressor and the oil pump motor are shut down, the control loop transformation is implemented immediately. It is only a matter of time to solve this problem. So far, this technical breakthrough has been successful. At the same time, the plant electrical maintenance team also organized the learning and technical digestion of the new schematic diagram of the oil pump, and predicted and analyzed the loop fault to accelerate the response mechanism and processing speed of the oil pump circuit failure.

After optimizing the control circuit of the 1# air compressor A and B oil pumps, the electrical control is more reasonable and reliable, which greatly reduces the maintenance pressure, and the nitrogen production of the plant is further guaranteed. The 2# air compressor oil pump control circuit will also be rebuilt in May 2012. It has been in operation for more than three months, and the air compressor unit is running smoothly. This has completely eliminated the hidden dangers of such equipment left by the air separation air compressor system. The stable production of the plant provides a strong guarantee.

EO Sterilizer :

ETO Sterilizer  is a key equipment for single-use sterile medical device manufacturers. Ethylene oxide does not damage sterilized articles and penetration is very strong, so EO Gas Sterilization can sterilize most of the articles that are not suitable for general sterilization methods. For example, electronic instruments, optical instruments, medical instruments, books, documents, fur, cotton, chemical fiber, plastic products, wood products, ceramics and metal products, endoscopy, dialyzer and disposable medical supplies, etc.

Advantages of ETO Sterilization Machine:

1. All microbes can be killed, including bacterial spores.

2. Sterilized items can be wrapped and packaged, and they can remain sterile before use.

3. Relatively speaking, Ethylene Oxide Sterilization does not corrode plastics, metals and rubber, and does not make things yellowed and brittle.

4. Irregular objects can be penetrated and sterilized.

5. EO Sterilization can be used for sterilization of articles that can not be soaked with disinfectant, dry heat, pressure, steam and other chemical gases.

EO Sterilizer

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EO Sterilizer

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