Special car / sprinkler / sanitation car winter maintenance considerations

In different seasons, special car maintenance items need to be adjusted for different temperatures. In order to make the majority of owners better protect their own vehicles, improve the performance of special vehicles, but also can extend the life of the vehicle. Xiao Yang of Hubei Chengli Special Purpose Vehicle Co., Ltd. made the following instructions specifically for the maintenance of special vehicles in winter :

Lubricating oil has a higher requirement for the lubrication of special vehicles in the winter. If the engine oil used in the winter must be replaced, the engine oil that has been used for a long time and has a darker color and poor adhesion should be replaced to ensure the smooth start of the engine .

First introduce the meaning of the oil label: "W" stands for the abbreviation of winter (winter), the smaller the number in front of it, the better the low temperature fluidity of the oil, the number behind the "W" (a horizontal back) is the high temperature of the oil. For sex indicators, the larger the value, the better the protection performance of the oil at high temperatures. The following are the parameters of the label: 5W resistant to external low temperature -30°C 10W resistant to external low temperature -25°C 15W resistant to external low temperature -20°C 20W resistant to external low temperature -15°C 30 resistant to external high temperature 30°C 40 resistant to external high temperature 40 °C 50 Resistant to external high temperature 50 °C Example: Applicable external temperature range of 5W-40 oil is from -30 °C to 40 °C; while 10W-30 oil is suitable for external temperature range of -25 °C to 30 °C. Obviously 5W-40's heat resistance and cold resistance is better than 10W-30, but the price is relatively expensive.


The quantity of antifreeze in antifreeze must be appropriate. The degree and type of antifreeze should be taken into account in different regions and different models. The antifreeze used for more than two years should be replaced. The mixed antifreeze must be replaced in one year. Pay attention to different brands of different models of products do not mix, like the place of thirty or forty degrees, the level of antifreeze used is very high, and must be replaced with a higher level of antifreeze. It is also very important that, after stopping the operation of various vehicles, it is necessary to empty the remaining water in the vehicle, especially the water in the pipelines and the pumps, and freezing the frozen vehicles will not be worth the loss. Vehicles equipped with water circulation pumps should change the cooling water to antifreeze in the winter. By the way, it is fuel oil. It is common knowledge that colder areas should be filled with fuel with lower freezing temperatures in winter.


The electrolyte in the battery of the battery car battery can not be deficient. It is better to keep the plate inundated by 10mm, and check the specific gravity of the electrolyte to maintain the charge capacity. If the battery is not charged enough, it can easily crack in the cold, and it is difficult to start the vehicle in winter. The loss of the battery is also relatively large. It must be maintained frequently. If any problem is found, replace it in time.


The brakes pay attention to whether the brake fluid is enough and the quality deteriorates. If necessary, the brake fluid should be filled or replaced. Pay attention to whether the brake is weak, running, the pedaling speed of the brake pedal with high speed and the position of the wheel lock point when braking. If necessary, clean the entire brake system piping section. The majority of the carts are broken air brakes, and the air brake must be maintained. The brake drums are frozen and frozen, causing the brakes to not return to position or to stop the car. Check the piping for leaks, and the air pump is working properly. Is damaged, brake pads are worn, etc., safety first.

Four-wheel alignment winter roads are prone to ice and snow, while rubber, metal, plastic and other materials harden at low temperatures, the control system is also a corresponding sink, weakening the sense of travel, four-wheel positioning is not easy to affect safety.

In winter, the rubber becomes hard and relatively brittle. Not only does the friction system decrease, but it is also prone to leaking and tying tires compared to other seasons. In the winter, it is often necessary to clean up the inclusions in the tread and try to avoid using tires that have been repaired more than one time. It is also important to replace tires that wear out and have different patterns in different brands.


The heaters check the heater lines and fans. In particular, pay attention to whether the outlet of the defrost air outlet under the windshield glass is normal and whether the heat is sufficient. The windshield defrost outlet has problems. Driving in the winter can cause many troubles and unsafe factors. With a suitable temperature inside the car, people's reaction speed is much faster.

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The use of glass cleaning fluid for glass cleaning in winter is obviously less than in other seasons, but it cannot be ignored. Some people use fresh water and clear water in other seasons, but in winter, those substitutes often freeze. Don't use it in winter. Be sure to put on the glass cleaning fluid that is not afraid of freezing. You can also add alcohol or liquor to the water to reduce the freezing point.


Air conditioning air conditioning is not used in winter, but it must be checked whether the air conditioning system is clean or not, and whether it will block water accumulation during the winter. At the same time, it must be turned on for 5 minutes per week to allow the parts to be lubricated to prevent the hose from hardening.


After waxing in the winter, the number of times of freezing and brushing vehicles will decrease, so waxing in the early winter is the best way to maintain the paint. In addition, the waxed body is not easy to wet, and it is not prone to condensation and ice formation in winter.


The above is only for ordinary private cars or special vehicles motives should pay attention to matters, what is not perfect or inaccurate, I hope everyone raised, what do not know, you can always consult me 13872879577 (WeChat same number)

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