South Xinjiang's largest PVC recycling economy project started

The largest PVC and comprehensive supporting circular economy project in southern Xinjiang started construction on the 28th in the Baicheng County Heavy Chemical Industry Park New Area. After the entire project has been completed and put into production, it can not only realize an annual sales income of 10 billion yuan, but also can provide 6000 yuan for the local area. Multiple employment positions, whether local fiscal revenue or employment of migrant workers, will play a very good role in promoting.

As the single project with the largest investment amount in this year’s Urumqi Fair, the Shanxi Jinhui Group plans to build a 1 million-ton PVC recycling economy industrial park in Baicheng City in two phases. The main projects include annual production of 3 million tons of coke, 1 million tons of PVC, 400,000 tons of caustic soda, 1.5 million tons of calcium carbide cogeneration, 2 million tons of cement, 5.4 million tons of coal washing plants, and 4X300MW self-contained power plants. The total investment will reach 20 billion yuan. The entire project will be completed and put into production in 2018. .

Baicheng County is a major resource county in Xinjiang. There are 58 kinds of mineral resources identified in the county, especially coal, petroleum, and natural gas. The project is to use the abundant resources of Baicheng and adopt the concept of circular economy and environmental protection. The factory waste will be used as the raw material of the downstream project, so as to achieve the sustainable use of resources, ensure that it is dried, clean, clean and environmentally friendly. .

Shanxi Jinhui Group is a large-scale private enterprise that gathers energy, chemical industry, electric power, logistics and warehousing, and ecological agriculture as a whole, which is cross-industry, cross-regional, diversified, and has businesses all over China and abroad. It has certain influence in coal coking in China.

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