Some Technical Requirements in Security Engineering

1. The technical requirements for indoor wiring <br> <br> indoor wiring requires not only safe but also make the circuit layout is reasonable, neat installation firm. The technical requirements are as follows:

1.1 The use of wire, the rated voltage should be greater than the operating voltage of the line, the insulation of the wire should be consistent with the installation of the line and the installation of environmental conditions, the cross-sectional area of ​​the wire should be able to meet the power and mechanical strength requirements.

1.2 When wiring, avoid wiring with connectors. Unless joints are used, the joints must be crimped or welded, and the wire connections and branches should not be subjected to mechanical forces. Wires that are empty in the tube must not have a connector under any circumstances. If necessary, place the connector on the junction box probe terminal as much as possible.

1.3 Wiring Installation in the building should be horizontal or vertical. Wiring should be protected by casing (plastic or iron pipe, optional according to the technical requirements of indoor piping), and the metal wire hose can be used for the ceiling wiring, but it must be fixed, stable and beautiful.

1.4 The signal line must not be parallel to the high-power power line, and it must not be worn in the same pipe. If it is limited by the environment, parallel lines must be more than 50cm long.

1.5 The AC power supply of the alarm control box shall be routed separately. It shall not be in the same pipe as the signal line and the low voltage DC power supply. The installation of the AC power line shall comply with the electrical installation standards.

1.6 Alarm control box to the ceiling of the wiring requirements of the jacket management into the wall or with iron pipes to protect, in order to improve the anti-theft system anti-theft performance.

2. Technical requirements of indoor piping

2.1 There are two types of wire harnesses, clear and concealed. The plumbing requires a horizontal, vertical and neat appearance. Dark piping requires short piping, smooth passage, and little elbow.

2.2 The choice of line pipe, according to the design choice of pipe type and size, if not specified, according to the total area of ​​the wire through the line pipe (with outer skin), no more than 70% of the pipe cross-sectional area of ​​the hole to carry out matching .

2.3 In order to facilitate pipe threading and maintenance, when the pipe length exceeds the following values, a junction box or cable box shall be installed in the middle, and the position shall be convenient for threading.

(1) When the length of the pipe exceeds 40 meters, no bending;

(2) Whenever the length exceeds 25 meters, there is a bend;

(3) When each length exceeds 15 meters, there are two bends;

(4) When each length exceeds 10 meters, there are three bends;

2.4 The fixing of the line pipe, the line pipe at the turn or straight line distance should be fixed clip every 1.5 meters.

2.5 The bend radius of the cable conduit shall comply with the provisions of the bending radius of the cable to be pierced.

2.6 Pipes with trachoma, cracks and large deformations are prohibited from being used in wiring work.

2.7 The connection of the line pipe should be connected with a sleeve or a buckle.

2.8 Vertically laid pipes, according to the size of the section through the conductor, at every 10-20 meters, add a fixed threaded junction box (pull box), with insulation clips to fix the wire in the box, the thicker the wire, The shorter the distance between the fixed points.

2.9 In the vertical nozzles that do not enter the box (box), after passing through the wire, the nozzle should be sealed.

2.10 The terminal box or cable box should be fixed with no less than three screws.

2.11 The connection between the connection box and the pipe should be added with a cup comb.

2.12 Connection box or cable box should be covered.

2.13 The branch of the line pipe should be added to the advance box.

3. Control box installation technical requirements

3.1 The installation of the control box shall comply with the requirements of the technical specification.

3.2 The fixing of the control box shall be not less than three screws to ensure firmness. The choice of location should be concealed to prevent damage. The operation of the control box should be controlled by a remote switch. It should have the wrong password triggering alarm function three times.

3.3 The control box's fixed tamper function shall be alarmed whenever it is disassembled.

3.4 The AC power of the control box shall be introduced without the switch. If the switch is to be used, it shall be installed inside the control box. The AC power cord shall be plated through the pipe and must not be put in the same pipe with other wires.

3.5 The lead wire of the control box is required to be protected by iron pipes from the control box to the ceiling. The iron pipe and the control box must be connected with double nuts.

4. Technical requirements for installation of alarm devices 4.1 Alarm device requirements Sound and light alarm boxes 4.2 Alarm boxes are required to have tamper-proof and shear protection functions, that is, when the alarm box is removed, or the connection between the alarm device and the control box is cut off. If it is short-circuited, it can send an alarm.

4.3 The alarm box shall be installed in a concealed place where the manpower is out of reach. At the same time, the alarm sound shall be easily detected.

5. Installation Technical Requirements for CCTV Monitoring System

5.1 The installation of cameras, monitors, pan/tilt, video switchers, and consoles shall comply with the requirements of the technical specifications. 5.2 The installation of the cameras must be firm and should be installed in places that are not easily vibrated and that are difficult for people to access in order to see more things.

5.3 The special requirements of the prison technical protection project, the camera will be equipped with protective cover.

5.4 The camera installed outdoors shall be equipped with lightning protection and detachment prevention devices.

5.5 The monitor requires clear images and stable image switching.

5.6 The transmission cable must be compensated by video when it is longer than 300 meters to make the picture clear.

5.7 Installation of the AC power supply used by the television monitoring system console shall comply with electrical installation standards and fire protection requirements.

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