Solvay builds hydrogen fluoride plant in China to serve photovoltaic industry

Solvay builds a hydrogen fluoride plant in China to serve the photovoltaic industry. Sinovel Blue Sky, a subsidiary of Solvay and Sinochem Group, announced in early September 2010 that it will build an electronic grade hydrogen fluoride plant in Lanzhou for Lansu Fluoride Co., Ltd. Lansu Fluorine Co., Ltd. is a pure hydrogen fluoride producer and is a joint venture with Zhejiang Lantian Environmental Protection Company. Blue Sky Environmental Protection Company holds 70% shares and Solvay Company holds 30% shares. Sinochem Blue Sky is a leading integrated fluorine chemical producer in China. Its products include fluorspar, fluoropolymers and fluorine fine chemicals. Commercialized products for new facilities will be produced at the end of the year. Solvay transferred the production of electronic grade hydrogen fluoride technology to Lansu Fluorine Co., Ltd. This hydrogen fluoride is particularly suitable for the production of photovoltaic cells.

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