Soil nutrient analyzer guides weight loss

Plants need 16 kinds of essential nutrients, including carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, six large elements, calcium, magnesium, and sulfur, three medium elements, iron, manganese, boron, zinc, copper, molybdenum, 7 trace elements of chlorine. In the experience of everyone, fertilization often only pays attention to nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, and ignores other medium and trace elements, which has adverse effects on crop growth, also affects soil quality, and restricts sustainable agricultural development. Therefore, modern agricultural fertilization operations In China, the main work goal is to reduce weight and increase ecological efficiency. The detection and analysis of the soil nutrient analyzer can provide an effective and accurate basis for scientific fertilization.

Different crops, such as food crops, cash crops, vegetables, and fruit trees, have different needs for land nutrients. Therefore, to achieve the high-quality development of these planting industries, we must adapt to local conditions and configure different nutritional formulas for different crops. The soil nutrient measuring instrument is a scientific soil measuring instrument widely used in modern agricultural grassroots fields. By promoting and popularizing the instrument, it can enable more places to implement refined fertilization operations, avoid fertilizer waste and pollution, and effectively improve the soil. Fertility to improve the economic benefits of the development of various planting industries.

With the development of rapid measurement instrument analysis technology, the determination method of soil nutrient index has been greatly improved in analysis efficiency and rate, which can realize large-scale and rapid determination of nutrients, which greatly improves the efficiency of soil measurement. At present, the soil nutrient analyzer plays an important role in vigorously developing high-quality fruit, vegetable, and tea leaves in various places, and promoting the development of special agricultural green ecology. In many regions, the use of this instrument to promote soil fertilization and formula fertilization has reduced the amount of fertilizer applied by 20%, and the yield is still high and stable, and planting benefits have increased significantly.

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