Smart fire protection solutions for financial sector and bank units

A bank is a place that manages the safety of public property, a center of national economic construction, and a key unit for fire protection. Banks in many large cities are high-rise buildings with complex functions, and most of the treasuries are located in underground buildings. Once a fire occurs, it is difficult to be detected and difficult to fight. On the other hand, the flow of personnel during the business period of the bank is very large, and the quality of the personnel entering and exiting is uneven. Some personnel lack fire protection knowledge. Once a fire occurs, the consequences will be disastrous.

In recent years, with the banking industry’s emphasis on fire safety, the strengthening of the fire protection construction review system, and the strengthening of fire protection supervision, banks have invested more and more in fire safety. In the past, fire equipment and fire protection facilities were insufficiently equipped. The shortcomings are gradually disappearing, eliminating congenital fire hazards.
The bank’s management of fire safety in actual work lags far behind the hardware equipment, which is mainly reflected in the lack of daily fire protection inspections, employees’ inability to use fire-fighting equipment and facilities, and employees’ lack of fire-fighting knowledge. The hardware configuration loses its due role.

Smart Fire Fighting Solutions in the Financial Field
1. The wireless smoke detection system uploads wireless smoke alarm information to the cloud through NB-IoT to realize real-time monitoring and alarm. Solve the problems of weak infrastructure in financial places, high renovation costs, and difficult wiring.
Smart smoke sensing system 2. The smart electrical fire monitoring system collects the series parameters of important circuits in real time by installing temperature sensors, current transformers, residual current transformers, etc. in the distribution network of the bank building (distribution boxes, bridges, bus bars, high-voltage nodes, etc.) ( Such as voltage, current, residual current, temperature, etc.), based on the analysis of the electricity consumption monitoring model, real-time warning of various electrical safety hazards such as aging, poor contact, wrong connection, leakage, load mismatch, etc., so as to realize early detection of electrical fires , The purpose of early disposal.

3. The two-dimensional code inspection system combines RFID radio frequency identification technology to carry out the two-dimensional code number for each fire protection equipment and facilities, check and remind the safety inspection of the fire equipment and facilities of the bank site, electronically record the inspection situation, and generate an inspection report , So as to check the missing and random inspections of fire-fighting equipment and facilities.

Smart Fire Fighting Platform
4. Remote alarm fire management personnel, higher-level supervisory departments, maintenance units, etc. can receive equipment alarms, faults, and action information through mobile phones.

5. Hierarchical alarms classify and classify alarm information and handling conditions. Different levels of alarm information are notified via short-term notifications, and alarms are issued to the higher-level supervisory authority for overtime unhandled, abnormal management, and major fire information.

6. Fault research and judgment: Through statistical analysis of smoke sensor failures, suggestions for replacement of faulty smoke sensors are put forward, and frequently faulty smoke sensors are replaced in time, so as to solve the problem of frequent smoke sensor false alarms from the root cause. Through statistical analysis of the water level of the fire-fighting pool and the start-stop of the fire-fighting pump, the fire-fighting pipeline water leakage alarm can be realized. By monitoring the water pressure on the side of the pre-action system, the failure of the wet alarm valve can be found in the first place.

Banks and financial establishments deploy smart firefighting to address safety issues such as fire-fighting equipment and line aging. They can monitor the safety blind spots that are easily overlooked on a daily basis, and promptly eliminate places with potential safety hazards. The clearing department, the video equipment, the video monitoring room, and whether the automatic sprinkler system is operating normally and other key fire safety parts shall be managed to improve the level of fire safety.

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