Significant progress in laser radar remote sensing detection technology at Wuhan University

[ Instrument Network Instrument Development ] Recently, the national major scientific research equipment development project hosted by Wuhan University Yifan, “Rapid and Accurate Measurement of 0-35 km Atmospheric Temperature and Aerosol Advanced Raman Lidar” passed the conclusion of the National Natural Science Foundation of China. The test was accepted and awarded excellent results.

In the past five years, the project team has successfully developed an advanced Raman lidar system with high spatial and temporal resolution for accurate measurement of atmospheric temperature and aerosols. Under the time-space resolution of 15 min/90 m, the statistical error of system temperature measurement is less than 1 K within 18 km, less than 2 K within 35 km, and the relative measurement error of aerosol backscatter coefficient is less than 5% within 12 km. It provides strong support for the study of atmospheric structure and dynamics from near-surface to low stratosphere.
On this basis, the project team also developed the world's first rotating Raman laser radar system based on single-spectrum extraction. This kind of radar breaks through the traditional atmospheric temperature and aerosol lidar measurement principle and method. It can accurately measure the atmospheric temperature all day long without assuming temperature dependence function and without introducing reference temperature calibration conditions. At the same time, it is widely used in the world for the first time. The artificial lidar ratio or Ångström relationship accurately measures the optical parameters of aerosols and clouds throughout the day.
The Yifan team has long been committed to the development of laser radar remote sensing technology and has been supported by the National Natural Science Foundation's Outstanding Youth Science Fund and the Innovation Research Group project. The team relied on the superior resources and strength of the National Field Observation and Research Station of Wuhan Atmospheric Remote Sensing to carry out fruitful research and achieved a large number of original scientific research results. The team's achievements "built the most powerful mid- and high-level atmospheric lidar comprehensive detection platform in Asia", and were selected into the "Technology Guide" China's top ten major scientific, technological and engineering progress.
(Original title: Yifan team has made significant progress in laser radar remote sensing detection technology)

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