SIEMENS PLM SOFTWARE won the "Asia Pacific Innovation...

Beijing, July 18th: Siemens PLM Software, a division of Siemens Industry Automation Division and the world's leading provider of product lifecycle management (PLM) software and services, today announced the list of winners of the 2012 Asia Pacific Innovation Awards. Focus on how PLM technology can help companies make more informed decisions to create better products.

Mahendra Auto Manufacturing Co., Ltd. won the first place in the Asia-Pacific Innovation Awards, and the Korean Aerospace Corporation and SAIC-GM-Wuling Automobile Co., Ltd. won the second and third place. During the Siemens PLM Software Asia Pacific User Forum (APECE), representatives of the above companies attended the meeting and accepted the awards. At the conference, industry leaders shared the best application practices for PLM and explored how companies can leverage PLM technology to stay ahead of today's competitive global economy.

The first place award recognizes companies that use PLM technology to become a successful benchmark in the manufacturing industry, maximizing product value throughout the product lifecycle, thereby increasing their productivity and performance.

Mahendra Auto Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has won the crown, and of course it is not the only company that has demonstrated unique innovation in the use of Siemens PLM Software technology. Every nominated company has demonstrated superior innovation in applying PLM solutions to its business.

By deploying the Tecnomatix® portfolio, the most widely used software in the digital manufacturing market, Mahendra Automotive has achieved unprecedented real-time digital manufacturing. Other benefits of this deployment include a 25% reduction in construction time for new plants, a 28% increase in effective working hours by reducing or making non-value-added activities more effective, and more production by improving overall flexibility. Multi-product portfolio to reduce time to market.

Mr. Nidamaluri Nagesh, Senior Manager, Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES), Control, Automation, Digital Manufacturing and Final Assembly, Mahendra Auto Manufacturing Co., Ltd., India, said: “We are very proud and honored to receive this year's Innovation Award. Through Siemens PLM Software and us With the sincere cooperation of the company's outstanding employees, we have found innovative and effective ways to solve the challenges."

The second winner was the Aerospace Division of Korean Air, which used the Teamcenter® product portfolio, the world's most widely used digital lifecycle management system, in the development of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), simplifying the entire process. And built a solid PLM-based engineering architecture.

The third winner, SAIC-GM-Wuling Automobile Co., Ltd., used Teamcenter to establish an internal and external product collaboration design platform, which shortened the product development cycle and new model development cycle, and enhanced the effective control of product engineering quality.

Mr. Yu Qichang, Senior Vice President and Managing Director of Asia Pacific at Siemens PLM Software, said: “The award-winning companies have long enjoyed a good reputation. They have a deep understanding of the trends in the manufacturing industry and the needs of the company. We have seen outstanding representatives from many industries, especially in Automotive manufacturing, high-tech industries and aerospace industries. We have not surprisingly found that more and more companies in the shipping and shipbuilding industry have emerged, as commercial trade has developed and imports and exports within and around the Asia Pacific region. Growth, these industries have become emerging industries in the Asia Pacific region, the most important of which include China and India."

Peter Bilello, President of CIMdata, believes: "This year APECE's participating companies represent a wide range of fields, and they all use PLM technology to help solve their key business problems. Every company has demonstrated impressive innovations. And the highly mature application level of PLM, which is comparable to world-class manufacturers in other regions."

Mr. Yu Qichang added: “This year's participating companies are very good. The rewards are more impressive year after year, and our customers are also brave enough to accept the challenge. These companies have adopted innovative ideas at all nodes of the product life cycle. It is very exciting. For these companies, PLM has become an essential element of competitiveness."

Based on the unique business challenges faced by each company and the measures and solutions they have taken to overcome the challenges, the competition review team conducted a careful assessment of all participating companies. In the process, the judging panel evaluates the company's innovation capabilities from the perspective of the current benefits of PLM applications for the company and the exploration of further application of PLM technology to a greater extent.

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