Shanghai Erfang Machine developed EJM138JL spinning frame

In order to catch up with the technical level of foreign long spinning machines and improve market competitiveness, Pacific Electromechanical Group Shanghai Second Textile Machinery Co., Ltd. timely developed the EJM138JL series of spinning machines with independent intellectual property rights. The research and development of this machine was included in the 2005 Shanghai Technology Import and Absorption and Innovation Program. The project was identified as the 2006 High-tech Achievement Transformation Project by Shanghai High-tech Achievement Transformation Service Center.

The machine has a modern control technology with CPU as the core, inverter drive, multi-motor drive and field bus. The servo motor drives the steel collar plate (guide plate, balloon ring) to achieve the positive movement of ascending and descending, making the whole The law of motion satisfies the requirements of different spinning processes and varieties, and the requirements for matching with the collective doffing, which improves the flexibility and intelligence level of the spinning process. The front end adopts high-precision grinding tooth oil gear box, and the rear end is equipped with synchronous transmission mechanism; through the theoretical calculation of suction uniformity, the suction flow channel is reconfigured so that the maximum number of spindles in the whole machine can reach 1200 spindles; The drafting device has undergone a large number of scientific experiments and optimization, the weak weir zone is small, the twist transmission is good, the spinning adaptability is wide, the ideal yarn forming capacity and capacity are achieved, and the high speed unwinding is adapted, the breakage rate is obviously reduced and the head retention rate is improved. Claim. The machine realizes high speed, high output, high quality and flexibility, and is a new type of modernization of spinning engineering.

The machine control system is equipped with a friendly man-machine interface, which can provide various functions including parameter setting, operation status display, fault reason prompt, class output statistics and so on. The machine can also store mature process parameters of multiple varieties, can be connected to the host computer through Ethernet to realize information management, and has remote diagnosis function. The machine has a doffing time of 3 minutes, a extubation rate of ≥99.5%, an intubation rate of 100%, a driving head retention rate of ≥97%, a spindle speed of up to 23,000 rpm, and the spun yarn quality is the 2001 version of Uster statistics. The value is 5%~25%. Its technical level and technical content are comparable to long-staple machines with collective doffing devices produced by famous foreign manufacturers such as Switzerland Rieter, Germany Zinser and Japan Toyoda. The technical indicators have reached the advanced level of similar foreign products.

The long spinning machine with the collective doffing device produced by Pacific Electromechanical Shanghai Second Textile Machinery has a large market share in China due to its excellent cost performance. Especially in the construction of the large-scale Shandong Weiqiao textile base in China, the long spinning machine accounts for the vast majority of the long spinning machines used in the base, and has become the main supplier of long spinning machines for the Weiqiao textile base. In addition to meeting the large demand of the domestic textile industry, the aircraft has also been exported to Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Iran, Belarus, Turkey and other countries. Since the first long yarn spinning machine with the collective doffing device was exported in 2005, it has already exported more than 200 units.

The use of the user shows that the use of the product not only reduces the labor intensity of the workers, but also ensures the product quality, improves the labor productivity and economic benefits, effectively solves the problem of labor difficulties in the textile mill, and uses its advanced performance and technology as the textile. The factory has provided strong support for modern management.

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