Shanghai CPPCC National Committee Member: Blocking Local Traffic

In the "two sessions" this year, the members of the CPPCC Committee proposed that to solve the road congestion, it is necessary to control the number of private cars in Shanghai and strictly limit the number of local residents' license plates for foreign vehicles.

CPPCC member An Qi summarized eight main reasons for congestion in Shanghai:

Shanghai's car ownership has rapidly increased;

Urban population density further increased;

Spreading a pie-shaped urban development model led to an over concentration of the resident population and the working population in the central area. During the early morning peaks, a large number of people living in non-central districts flowed into the urban area. During the evening peaks, a large number of people flowed back in reverse.

A large number of public activity venues, sports venues, schools, and government agencies are located in the central area;

The inefficient urban public transport (especially the ground transit system), especially during peak hours, cannot meet the public's travel requirements;

Inadequate implementation of road traffic rules, bicycles, motorcycles (especially motorcycles), pedestrians, chaos on the road, greatly restricting the road traffic efficiency;

The layout of some roads is irrational (eg, the problem of the disconnection between the Central and Yan'an Road elevated) is one of the causes of road congestion.

Although the Shanghai private car quota limit policy restricts the increase in the number of local hukou owners, due to the large number of owners buying foreign licenses, the actual increase in Shanghai family car has not been effectively controlled.

In this regard, An Qi said that the unreasonable structure of roads in the downtown area should be corrected in a timely manner. At the same time, we must change the mode of urban development to form a number of sub-centers in the true sense.

In addition, restrictions on the use of non-essential vehicles during the peak period of certain units, such as hypermarket free shuttle bus. You can also use the wrong time commuting system.

He also stressed that the number of private cars in Shanghai should be enforced. For example, on the basis of the continuation of private car quota limits, strict restrictions on the local residents' license plates on foreign markets are also required.

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