Shanghai Bao test how to solve the error method of the tensile testing machine

The universal material testing machine should be the necessary testing equipment for many physical laboratories. The JJG139-1999 verification procedure requires that the allowable error of the indication value usually does not exceed ±1%. The metrology department stops the measurement and timing, and the indication error mainly passes through The following ways: the indication is positively biased. The indication value is negatively biased. The indication error is “positive positive and negative” or “pre-negative and positive” on the dial and the individual points are out of tolerance. Then the Shanghai Bao test will talk about how to adjust:

1. After confirming the degree of compliance with the instrument, first check whether the friction of the working part is too large. If it is, adjust the gap of the guide wheel to eliminate the friction and clean the working cylinder if necessary, such as sweeping friction. After the positive difference still exists, the tightening screw of the swing lever and the push plate connecting bushing in the partial force (reading mechanism) should be loosened, the push plate should be adjusted inward, and the tightening screw should be tightened. The disk is gradually calibrated and repeated several times until the test is qualified. If the small plate is qualified and the large and medium plates are still out of tolerance, the weight of B and C should be increased properly until the test is qualified.

2, should first check whether the force measuring piston can be installed correctly, whether the friction can be too large, after sweeping this reason, the push plate will be adjusted to the outside, the small plate will be adjusted, such as large and medium plates are still out of tolerance, should Appropriately reduce the weight of B and C until the test is qualified.

3. At this time, the angle of the contact surface between the push plate and the tooth head should be changed. The contact surface is usually fixed on the outer surface of the push plate by a flat piece of steel. The adjustment method is to loosen the two screws. The copper or other thin metal sheet is placed on the upper side or the lower side between the steel sheet and the push plate (only on one side), so as to change the angle and repeat the adjustment until it is qualified.

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