Shandong Huachao Chemical Hydrocarbon Refrigerant Project put into operation

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China Drying Newsletter On November 16th, Shandong Huachao Chemical Co., Ltd. invested RMB 500 million in the first phase of the country’s largest carbon tetra-aromatization cogeneration hydrocarbon refrigerant project, which was put into operation in China. The project has a designed production capacity of 300,000 tons/year and is the largest single-scale high-purity hydrocarbon refrigerant project in the country. It can realize an annual sales income of more than 2 billion yuan. The 200,000 tons/year isobutane dehydrogenation project for Phase II project investment of 1.08 billion yuan is undergoing formalities such as environmental assessment and safety assessment.

Description of Wood Shredder 

Mobile Wood Chipper Machine is a more flexible chipping equipment produced by RotexMaster. 
Diesel engine as driving force, can be traction outdoor production, high mobility, better mobile production. 
The Mobile Wood Chipper  Mainly used for crushing branches, trunks, bamboo, hemp pole, tobacco rods, straw and other materials. Crushed material size 1-3cm, thickness 5mm. 
The mobile Wood Chipper is the better choice for processing waste wood materials.

diesel wood chipper

diesel engine wood chipper

Details of diesel engine wood shredder 

---Mobile with wheels, diesel engine, specially designed for out door working 
---Hydraulic reversing valve control feeding, Feed inlet volume:20*22cm
---Diesel power: Weichai brand ,Less consumption and electric starter.

wood chips


Diesel Wood Chipper

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