Shandong Electromechanical Products Imports and Exports Increase Significantly in July

Shandong Electromechanical Products Imports and Exports Increase Significantly in July

In July, the import and export of Shandong's machinery and electronic products reached US$7.66 billion, an increase of 24.3% year-on-year, of which exports were US$4.89 billion and imports were US$2.97 billion, up 22.4% and 27.6% respectively. The import and export of high-tech products in Shandong Province totaled US$3.59 billion, an increase of 39.7%; of which exports were US$1.8 billion and imports were US$1.79 billion, up by 46.6% and 33.4% respectively.

First, the import and export volume of electromechanical and hi-tech products both reached a monthly high this year. In July, the growth rate of import, export, export, and import of mechanical and electrical products was 14.2, 4 and 25.7 percentage points higher than the average level of foreign trade in the province, respectively; the increase in import, export, export, and import of high-tech products was higher than the average foreign trade level of the province by 29.6, 28.2, and 31.4 respectively. Percentage.

Second, the export growth of high-tech products and large-scale complete sets of equipment has accelerated. Of the 20 categories of products monitored, 17 products increased year-on-year, of which automatic data processing equipment exports increased by 1.1 times, rail transportation equipment increased by 7.7 times, and electronic, communications equipment, containers, and lighting equipment increased by more than 40%.

Third, the export of private enterprises and foreign-funded enterprises maintained growth. The export of mechanical and electrical products of private enterprises was US$1.5 billion, an increase of 19.3%. Foreign-funded enterprises exported US$2.96 billion, an increase of 29.6%. The imports of state-owned, private, and foreign-funded enterprises increased by 4.7%, 33.7%, and 29.9% respectively.

Fourth, exports to the European and American traditional markets have grown rapidly.

In July, the province’s electromechanical products exported 780 million U.S. dollars to the European Union, an increase of 41.2 percent, exported 1.13 billion U.S. dollars to the U.S., an increase of 68.6%, exported 260 million U.S. dollars to Japan, increased 12 percent, and exported 550 million U.S. dollars to South Korea, up 10 percent. .

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