Shaanxi Chai Heavy Industry achieved patent breakthrough

Shaanxi Chai Heavy Industry achieved zero breakthrough in patents, and the elongated casting hole casting device for metal castings won the national utility model patent.

Recently, the elongated cast iron casting device for metal castings developed by Shaanxi Diesel Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. obtained the national utility model patent right, and Shaanxi Chai Heavy Industry achieved a breakthrough with zero patent rights.

The device was invented by Shaanxi Chai Heavy Industry during the development and production of the 8DK-28 diesel engine to solve the technical problem of forming elongated through holes in metal castings. At the beginning of 2003, during the localization of the first 8DK-28 diesel engine fuselage, the company encountered technical problems in the processing of slender oil holes of nearly 4 meters on the fuselage. If mechanical processing methods are used, expensive tooling and Equipment, but the company does not have the conditions. The foundry technicians proposed a bold idea of ​​casting a seamless steel tube to form an elongated through-hole. However, the existing method of casting a seamless steel tube is likely to cause the inner surface of the hole to be rough, straight, or leaky. Seamless steel pipe is melted, can not be cleaned and scrapped, etc.

Faced with technical difficulties, the three engineering and technical personnel of the foundry institute Ma Haiyin, Zhu Jianjun and Ni Zurong have finally developed a slender through-hole casting device for metal castings through scientific analysis, repeated demonstration and experimentation, which not only solves the problem of forming slenderness by mechanical processing. The problem of large investment in equipment and tools required for through-holes, and solving the problem that the previously cast seamless steel pipe is easy to bend, deform, and seamless steel pipe melted and adhered to molten iron, and has the advantages of reasonable structural design, easy operation, low cost, etc. Many features ensure the success of the first 8DK-28 fuselage.

It is understood that Shaanxi Chai Heavy Industry has used the patented technology to cast more than 200 8DK-28 fuselage, and the qualified rate of slender oil hole reaches 100%. At present, the patented technology is not only applied to the 8DK-28 fuselage, but also applied to the multi-type diesel engine body casting such as 6DK-28 and MAN 16/24, which reduces the production cost and creates good economic benefits, further improving the enterprise. Technological innovation capabilities.

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