Several misunderstandings in decoration and furnishings should be noted

In the decoration of the living room, the relationship between decoration and decoration is often unclear. Often see some families, so that the decoration company to do all the furniture, home furnishings will not be any. In fact, the interior decoration is a complementary relationship. The decoration style restricts the furnishings, and the furnishings have an auxiliary and influential role in the decoration. Interior design decoration style is different, and its furnishings matching the style will be different. Therefore, good decoration must have matching furnishings. I decorated my home network to remind the owners: In the decoration and furnishings, there are several errors that should be noted and corrected.

1. Blindly spend money. I believe that as long as the more expensive materials are used, the more upscale ones are. This is a mistake. Sometimes the upscale and beady decoration and decoration make people feel vulgar. Good decoration and decoration do not lie in the upscale and cost of materials, but in the warm and comfortable, harmonious and natural environment created by the rational layout of the living room and the harmony of accessories.

2, lack of overall consideration. When decorating, the decorating ingredients are not considered, and they are usually decorated after decoration. As a result, a lot of money is spent on decoration and covered by furnishings. Therefore, the renovation should be considered in an overall plan, arranged in advance the location of the furnishings, decoration, do a reasonable layout.

3, deal with improper decoration decoration, heavy decoration light decoration. Imagine if a home would have only a large frame of decoration and no decorative items would look like. It is often the embellishment of small furnishings that make people's homes have some fun, and these humble little things precisely reflect the spiritual needs of the owner.

Therefore, decoration must have a certain degree of technicality and universality. Furnishing can better represent the owner's culture and personality.

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