Senya opens FAW minicar strategy and seeks minicars

FAW to re-plan micro car strategy

FAW re-planned the short-board minicar business. Recently, FAW Jilin revealed that FAW has specially developed a mini vehicle planning and development strategy for FAW Jilin. By 2012, mini vehicles will account for 25% of FAW's own brands. From 1991 to FAW Group, FAW Jilin enjoys such treatment for the first time.

FAW Senya

"This is FAW's own Xenia." At the Senya M80's communication meeting on September 3, the new general manager of FAW Jilin Jihua Han Yat pointed at Xenia and said in a loud voice.

In February of this year, Hu Hanjie transferred the No. 1 Steam Jilin from the deputy general manager of the Liberation of Lifan to manage the production and operation of FAW Jilin. Less than five months later, FAW and Daihatsu signed a far-reaching agreement. Daihatsu delivered the Xenia platform to FAW for permanent use. Daihatsu Senya changed its name to FAW Senya, changed FAW hawk standard, and Dafa Brand withdrew from China. On Xenia platform, FAW also has the right to develop derivative models such as small SUVs and crossover vehicles.

“The background of Dakin Energy's agreement is that under the influence of the financial crisis, they contract the entire vehicle business in the world.” Hu Hanjie said that FAW Jilin and Daihatsu conducted many rounds of negotiations, emphasizing that they must strengthen their brand strength in order to increase terminal sales. Daihatsu finally agreed.

After the collection of Senya as FAW's own brand, Hu Hanjie and Tian Qingjiu, the deputy general manager of sales, started the transformation of Xenia. “In two aspects, we will reduce the price range and expand and strengthen the sales network.” Tian Qingji, who worked for FAW Toyota from July 2004 to March 2008, is well aware of sales.

Sure enough, on the September 3rd meeting, the price range of the Xenia M80 fell to 54,900 - 77,900 yuan, and each model had a price reduction of between 10,000 and 20,000 yuan. In the field of mini vehicles, this is a rare drop. In addition, Senya also added 3 models and 4 colors. "The target for the remaining three months of the year is 4,000 vehicles. We have completed the task from the perspective of orders." Tian Qingjiu said.

According to Jiao Youlin, Assistant General Manager of FAW Jilin, the price drop of Senya was benefited from the cost of pressure—purchasing costs, production costs, and operating costs.

Xu Jianyi reorganizes the mini vehicle strategy

Senya is undoubtedly the beginning. In fact, after Xu Jianyi took office, FAW's plan to re-plan mini-vehicle strategy has not stopped.

An insider of FAW Jilin told reporters that in the middle of last year, FAW had established a mini-vehicle department in the technology center historically and set up a special fund to research and develop mini-vehicle products. This is the first time that micro vehicles have become R&D departments. “Before this, micro-vehicles did not have a place in the technology center, and the technology center was more inclined to higher-profit, higher-tech cars.”

In February of this year, Xu Jianyi dissatisfied with the development of FAW Jilin adjusted the entire leadership team of FAW Jilin. He personally assumed the chairmanship of the company. Deputy General Manager Jin Yi of FAW served as the vice chairman. He transferred Hu Hanjie as the general manager from FAW Liberation and then from FAW Toyota. Te Tian Qing was transferred.

“Last year, the group had conducted a market research for mini vehicles, focusing on Senya, and found that everyone did not approve of the Daihatsu brand,” said Jin Xulong, mini vehicle manager of FAW Group Technology Center.

At the time when FAW was preparing a key strategy for the mini-vehicle, through this incident, FAW decided to take Xenia first, and the new mini-vehicle strategy set sail from Senya.

“This (micro-vehicle) plan has been used several times. In July, the Group held the seventh round of the strategy seminar, and this event was finally finalized.” Hu Hanjie, who is also familiar with the company, also participated in the strategy seminar at that time.

In July of this year, Xu Jianyi convened party and government leaders of all branded companies and 200 senior managers above the department level. He opened a two-day meeting in Changchun. This is FAW's seventh round of strategy seminar. The main content is independent brands. .

The reporter learned that after the meeting, it was decided to mention microcars to the important position of their own brands and increase the production capacity of FAW Jilin. “The company needs to increase production in two phases, reaching 200,000 in 2011 and 300,000 in 2013,” said Hu Hanjie.

At present, Tian Qingjiu and Jiao Youlin have formulated a plan to expand and strengthen the network: By the end of this year, the number of first-tier stores has increased from 160 to 220, with 500 secondary outlets; the number of first-tier stores will be reduced to 170 before the end of next year, but The number of outlets has increased to 1,000. "The plan is interesting. Through the assessment, the boss gradually reduced, but the increase in outlets will help increase the interests of dealers." Hu Hanjie said.

Supporting the Autonomous Millions of Plans

"Finally, it is determined to re-plan the micro-vehicle strategy. In fact, it is related to Xu Jianyi's self-owned brand of million vehicles." Southwest Securities analyst said.

After taking office in 2008, Xu Jianyi was faced with the challenge of how to enhance his own brand. Since FAW’s independent brand development was controversial, Xu Jianyi simply boldly proposed: By the end of 2010, the sales volume of self-owned brands will reach 1 million, and the goal of autonomy will reach 1.5 million in 2012. Xu hopes to unify the thinking within this area and devote all his efforts. Develop your own brand.

According to the latest ranking of automakers’ auto production released by the International Automobile Manufacturers Association, in 2008 FAW Group ranked 20th with 640,000 cars, ranking first among Chinese companies. Despite this, it is only one year after the end of 2010. How to increase sales of 360,000 vehicles is not a minor issue for FAW.

This reporter learned that, in addition to FAW Jilin plans to finalize the expansion plan, the FAW sedan auto models expansion project is also underway, by 2011 can increase 400,000 capacity, Tianjin Huali renovation project is also underway.

In fact, not only that, Xu Jianyi proposed a large-scale merger plan in October last year, which is about to advance on a large scale. In addition to Xiali and Pentium on the Internet to help each other, Xenia of FAW Jilin can also enter Xiali or Pentium network sales. Hu Hanjie said that in September, Xenia could use Xiali and Pentium's online sales in blank areas.

According to FAW's plan, in 2012, FAW Jilin will reach the scale of 200,000 to 300,000 units of production and sales, enter the top three micro-cars in the country, and the production and sales volume will account for 1/10 to 1/8 of the group, accounting for 1/5 of the self-owned brands. 4.

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