Sediment submersible pump development and production successfully shipped to Shanxi Coal Mine recently

On December 30, 90kW Sedimentation Submersible Pump of Starburst Pump Company was successfully developed and manufactured. The first batch of 4 90KW pumps was shipped to Shanxi Huozhou Coal Mine after passing the performance tests. Star Saxa submersible pump is Star pump company has independent intellectual property rights of the leading product, product performance, high technology, the national sales continued to appear in short supply 26 good situation. In previous years due to low ability of independent innovation, product development specifications are more single types, can not meet the market demand. Since 2003, the company based on market needs, increase pump technology research and development, research and development efforts to improve product quality, and actively carry out the development of new varieties. In the past three years, the amount of sand-discharging submersible pumps has increased from 11 varieties to 47 and the power has been covered by 2.2KW to 90KW. The 90KW desilting submersible pump that has just been developed and produced successfully meets the urgent need of Shanxi Huozhou coal mine in time. At present, the company in accordance with the professional, large-scale, brand development ideas, according to user needs organizational engineering and technical personnel are developing 110KW, 132KW, 160KW, 200KW submersible submersible pumps, horizontal submersible pumps and submersible sewage pump.

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