Science and technology change agriculture, the future is happening

[ China Agricultural Machinery Industry News ] On August 22nd, the 300,000-mu summer and autumn crop drone flight prevention scene in Jixian County was held in Yanggou Fine Seed Farm in Changgou Town. At the meeting, there were Ma Shufang, the station manager of the Municipal Agricultural Protection Bureau, Hu Langtao, deputy head of Jixian County, Zhao Liang, director of the Jixian County Agricultural Committee, Zhang Xiaolin, vice chairman of Quanfeng Aviation, and the stationmasters of the county agricultural technology centers. The station manager of the township agricultural economics station, the representatives of the large township households, and the farm representatives of the Agriculture Committee are about 100 people.
Science and technology change agriculture, the future is happening - the 300,000 mu summer and autumn crop drone flight defense scene will be held in Jixian County
The meeting was chaired by Zhao Liang, director of the Agricultural Committee of Ganxian County. Zhang Xiaolin, vice chairman of Quanfeng Aviation, first introduced the organization and current development of the flight defense work. He said that the 300,000 mu summer and autumn crop drone flying defense operation in Anhui Province, opened the prelude to large-scale centralized operations in Anhui. After confirming the mission, the company attached great importance to it and took active actions. In a very short period of time, more than 120 plant protection drones were dispatched and more than 300 personnel were put into operation. A command center was set up for this operation, and the departments of the Feifang Operation Department, the Pharmaceutical Technology Department, the After-sales Protection Department, the Logistics Service Department, and the Media Propaganda Department were established. Each department will perform its duties and operations, and will complete the task in a few days, and will give the people of Jixian a satisfactory answer.
Zhao Liang, Director of the Agricultural Committee of Gan County
Ma Shufang, the station manager of the Municipal Agriculture and Forestry Commission, said in his speech that in 2017, the Jixian government still attached importance to the rule of defense, including two changes and two unchanged. The change of two means the transformation of the prevention and treatment organization. The decentralized prevention and control of one household and the purchase of socialized services by the government have improved production efficiency and reduced investment. The second refers to the transformation of the application method, from the artificial knapsack sprayer to the intelligent plant protection drone, which frees the peasants from the heavy field labor. The two unchanged include: First, the overall goal of prevention and control remains unchanged, and it still surrounds the bumper harvest of grain. Second, the object of prevention and control remains unchanged, and it is still the prevention and control of pests and diseases in the middle and late crops. The 300,000-mu flying defense operation in Jixian County is a large-scale flight defense operation using plant protection drones in the history of agricultural development in Anhui Province, which is bound to promote the modern agricultural mechanization process in Anhui Province.
Ma Shufang, station manager of Gansu County Plant Protection Station
Hu Langtao, deputy head of Ganxian County, also made an important speech. He said that the 300,000-mu autumn crop defense rule in Jixian County adopted the government's purchase of services, and Anyang Quanfeng won the bid for its comprehensive strength. In this operation, Quanfeng's operational scheduling ability and teamwork ability are worthy of recognition and praise. Flying defense solves the drawbacks of traditional manual operations, greatly improving the efficiency of prevention and control, and liberating the labor force. He said that everyone should pay attention to safety during the operation process, and the pharmaceutical packaging should be recycled in time to avoid pollution. Later, he hoped that Anhui Quanfeng could take root in Jixian County, radiating a radius of 300 kilometers, and making Anhui Quanfeng a leading enterprise in Anhui Aviation Plant Protection.
Hu Langtao, deputy county magistrate
Zhao Liang, director of the Agriculture Committee, made a concluding speech. He said that the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China put forward the concept of green development. The Ministry of Pesticide has launched a zero-growth action of chemical fertilizers and pesticides. It is necessary to reduce the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides year by year, and achieve zero growth by 2020. aims. The Provincial Agriculture Committee also clearly put forward the green development path of “three pushes and three controls”, among which the three controls are drug control, fertilizer control and water control. The use of plant protection drones for flight defense has the characteristics of time saving, labor saving, medicine saving and safety. The efficiency is more than 40 times higher than that of human beings. The spraying is uniform, and more importantly, it can effectively reduce the premise of ensuring the effect. The use of pesticides controls agricultural non-point source pollution and improves the quality and safety of food production.
group photo
This 300,000-mu corn and soybean drone flight defense operation is the second time in the history of Ganxian County, and it has epoch-making significance for the prevention and control of crops in Ganxian County.
After the speech, the meeting entered a wonderful demonstration of flying defense. The Quanfeng 120 plant protection drone for this operation has a large load of more than 18 kg and has a long-term and large-area operation capability. 10-15 minutes per drive can spray 20-25 acres of field, with a working area of ​​400-600 acres per day. Compared with the traditional artificial spraying, it has high efficiency, good effect, is not restricted by the ground environment, and has strong penetrating power, uniform spraying, and few droplets drifting, which can reach the whole plant coverage, and the effect on the high-bar crop is obvious. . In addition, it is a remote remote operation method, which effectively avoids the contact of operators with pesticides, making agricultural production safer and more secure.

Quanfeng Airlines leaders and government leaders watch the demonstration together
Science and technology change agriculture, and the future is happening. I believe that with the support of the leaders, under the efforts of Anhui Quanfeng Airlines, the agricultural modernization of Ganxian County will surely develop rapidly.
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