Ronghe MOCO Community Real Estate Project

Project Name: Ronghe MOCO Community Real Estate Project Area to Be Organized: Guangxi Progress Period: Environmental Impact Assessment Construction Period: 2011-2012 Major Equipment: Firefighting Facilities, Security Facilities, Water Supply and Drainage Facilities, Cranes, Excavators, Electrical Installations, Ventilation Facilities (for reference only)
Project Profile: The project is located on the east side of Beihu Road, Nanning, Guangxi. The project consists of a 22-storey apartment, two 22-storey apartments, two 20-storey houses and three 32-storey houses; On the side of the road, two storey shops are set up, and a commercial inner street with east-west traffic is set up in the central part of the site, with two floors of shops on the south side of the site and the east side of the site. The project is supporting the construction of property management houses, community management houses, cultural activity rooms, convenient service restaurants, garbage collection points, fire control centers, and public toilets. The total project investment is unknown.
Construction Unit: Guangxi Ronghe Co., Ltd. Postal address: No. 155, Minzu Avenue, Nanning, Guangxi Zip Code: 530022 Contact person: Yu Gong Telephone Design Unit: Guangxi Transportation Research Institute (EIA)
Postal address: No. 6 Gaoxin 2nd Road, High-tech Zone, Nanning Zip Code: 530007 Contact Person: Jing Jing Tel: 0771-23116230
Fax: 0771-2311629
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