Rongan Power pushes the domestic first model

Recently, the RONGAN-MAN 6S46ME-B8.1 low-speed diesel engine manufactured by Rongan Power was successfully submitted. This type of diesel engine is the first to be manufactured in China and will be supplied to the 47500 DWT bulk carrier of Zhejiang Taitong Ship Co., Ltd.
The 6S46ME-B8.1 is a single-acting, two-stroke, crosshead diesel engine with naturalized CCS that meets IMO's NOx emission standard TIER II. The main technical parameters are as follows:

Technical indicators

Parameter Description

Number of cylinders


Cylinder diameter

460 mm

Piston stroke

1932 mm


8280 kW (11269 bhp)

Rotating speed

129 r/min

Average effective pressure of the piston

20 bar

Fuel consumption

173.0 g/kwh+5% ( 100% SMCR )

Diesel engine height

9000 mm

Diesel dry weight

165 t

Propeller type

Fixed pitch propeller ( FPP )

Diesel steering ( FPP )

Facing the flywheel to see clockwise rotation

Emission measurement

E3 cycle

The generation of the 6S46ME-B8.1 mainframe is actually a product of the market demand and is the result of the cost control of the minicomputer. Its basic design idea not only maintains the versatility of most parts of the MC-C mainframe, but also avoids the shipyard's modification of the hull design due to large changes in the external dimensions, and enables the control of the main engine, especially the fuel injection control, to be more flexible. In order to meet the current market requirements for emissions and handling flexibility.
It combines the characteristics of the electronic control host and the traditional mechanical control host, and adopts a streamlined ME host control system, so that the MPC module required by the 6-cylinder machine is reduced from 13 ME-C modules to 4 blocks, which greatly reduces the cost. It has an electronic fuel injection control with a booster (booster), a camshaft that drives the exhaust valve (compared to the ME-C mainframe), a 300 bar hydraulic system, and each hydraulic cylinder unit serves two cylinders, each One HCU has an accumulator and uses an electrically driven hydraulic pump. At the same time, its design shape has not changed basically. The design of the foot of the main unit, the installation size and the lifting height have not changed (relative to MC-C), and the design of the auxiliary system is only to reduce the flow of the fuel circulation pump. These have achieved its market adaptability, flexible control, low fuel consumption rate and low manufacturing cost.
The successful submission of RONGAN-MAN 6S46ME-B8.1 enriched the product library of Rongan Power, allowing Rongan Power to once again be at the forefront of Chinese machine construction with advanced products.

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