RFID technology used in Changsha City, Hunan Province Library New Museum

"My heart has been secretly envisioned, paradise should be the appearance of the library." According to literary master Borges, Changsha City, Hunan Province, the new library is facing the spring growth, depicting himself as "paradise" look . This building in the New River Delta of Changsha is currently undergoing interior decoration and is expected to open by the end of this year. In order to make this "paradise" more in line with the reader's idea, before the opening of the new museum, Changsha City Library for the general public solicitation purchase advice, there are already more than 2,000 people through the Weibo, QQ or call to tell their favorite books. Located in the New River Delta, the new Changsha City Library is an integral part of the complex of "two museums and one hall" (libraries, museums and concert halls) in Changsha and is expected to open by the end of this year. By then, the new Changsha City Library will be built into a documentary information resource service center in Changsha, a nationwide reading lifelong education center, a regional library network center and a cultural and academic exchange center. Find a new technology retrieval, accurate to each grid shelves With a building area of ​​31,300 square meters and a planned reserve of 2 million, Changsha Library has over 2,800 reading seats and more than 7,000 readers a day, thus achieving full coverage of network nodes. It is worth mentioning that the new museum opens up 90% of the area open to the readers. By reasonably dividing the library, reading area, activity area and office area, it sets up scientifically the quiet area, the quiet area and the moving area scientifically and standardizes the management of books, readers and work Staff three streamline business, so dynamic and affordable, convenient and efficient. Among them, the negative lobby has a central desk, self-service borrowing and returning machine, 24-hour self-help library, bookstore, coffee bar, central computer room, basic library, reviewing room, visually impaired document room, editing center. Here, the world's most advanced RFID radio frequency identification technology can improve the automation of sorting, arranging and retrieving books. Through the system, readers can quickly and easily understand the detailed positioning of each book, and even to every shelf. In addition, the self-service borrowing and lending bookstore in the hall can borrow books, renew books, renew books, etc. to avoid crowding and waiting for manual handling. The 24-hour self-service library uses optical, mechanical and electrical integration modules, , ID card reader identification technology, and wireless transmission and database retrieval technology to ensure that 7 × 24 hours open, enjoy the library service is not open, closed time constraints. Supporting an animation theme area, will also store the city memory A book a cup of coffee, invited three friends to spend some good time. In Changsha City Hall new museum, you will be able to easily enjoy such an elegant reading life. In addition to coffee books, bookstores and other ancillary services, the new museum will also set the country's first animated feature library, including animation book reading area, animation display area, animation image performance stage, animation studio. In addition to reading anime books here, you can also watch anime movies, anime shows, animation production, animation and enjoy Disneyland-like reading pleasure. In addition, Changsha City Library will focus on creating a new high-end cultural salon salon - HDTV room for film and television enthusiasts to share the classic platform for DV fans to provide micro-film creation display screen, hold reading, Travel, music and other cultural salon. In addition, the 300-seat auditorium can deliver simultaneous interpretation in four languages. The "Orange Island Pulpit," held every week, will build a public lecture hall based on hot topics, policy advocacy and knowledge popularization. The 600 square meters of exhibition hall, will provide thematic Book Fair, pictures and various types of art exhibitions. At the same time, the library also stores the city memory. The Changsha Bookstore System will collect all the documents and materials related to Changsha and set up special collections of books for local cultural celebrities. It will become the database for studying the politics, economy and culture of Changsha.