Reflection instead of celebrating the 30th anniversary of Great Wall Motors is worth learning

In recent years, market competition has become increasingly fierce. The key to a brand's invincible position is not only its strong product strength, but also its excellent marketing strategy. Marketing is about creativity. A good idea can instantly grab people's hearts, and good content + good ideas make the brand deeply rooted in people's hearts. Recently, the series of marketing for Great Wall Motor’s 30th anniversary celebration made it out of the circle successfully and became a rare phenomenon-level marketing case.

"Suspenseful micro-films" triggered the whole people to discuss the creation of topic marketing

On the occasion of the "Thirty Rise", Great Wall Motor Chairman Wei Jianjun starred in a suspenseful micro-film of "Life hanging by a thread". The film was based on black and gray, and the city was hanging upside down with dark clouds. Wei Jianjun was like a tightrope walker. And firm. "What will be the future of Great Wall Motors? In my opinion, life is hanging by a thread." In the film, Wei Jianjun "foretells" the future of Great Wall Motors. Such a way of no praise and crises makes people unable to help but ask "Great Wall Motors is very good. Will it be next year?"

This suspicious micro-movie immediately sparked an upsurge of discussion among the people. #长城汽车挺得过下吗# topic quickly occupied the Weibo topic list. The micro-movie was viewed 1.6 million times on Weibo, and Tencent video was also viewed. With more than 1.4 million posters and scripts on social networks, Great Wall Motors subverted the traditional marketing method with reverse thinking and cleverly set up suspense to stimulate the curiosity of the whole people, continue to attract the attention of the audience, and guide its next marketing actions.

From a marketing perspective, this reverse operation of Great Wall Motors is undoubtedly the finishing touch. As an audience bombarded by various marketing routines all the year round, Great Wall Motors has no routines for its birthday, only self-examination and always exist. Yu Xin’s sense of crisis, this seemingly frustrating question invisibly reflects Great Wall Motor’s constant awe of the market and its determination to deal with the cruel environment in the future.

Show off fighting spirit with "an open letter" to create a hot topic

While the topicality of the micro-film and the suspicion of the public are still fermenting, Great Wall Motor has resolutely issued a letter from Wei Jianjun to Great Wall Motor’s partners in major media: How will Great Wall Motor survive next year? This open letter can be said to be the continuation of the micro-film. If the film raises doubts, then this letter shows the strength of Great Wall Motors overcoming obstacles and Yang Fan’s global beliefs.

What this open letter conveys is the future strategic goal of Great Wall Motors to "go global", how it will transform itself from a "Chinese automobile manufacturer to a global mobility technology company" through self-reform, and the newly designated "two connections" Methods of change. The open letter is full of dry goods, showing users more concrete future plans and solutions with detailed processing, and let users see the confidence of Great Wall Motors to meet the great changes of the times.

From proactively setting issues to attract attention, to giving comprehensive insights and solutions, the marketing logic of Great Wall Motors’ 30th anniversary is very clear. It can be said to tell the story of Great Wall Motor’s proactive and vigilant brand in one go, and once again strengthen its brand identity. , To establish a stronger sense of identity.

Set off the eager interaction of the whole people

This uncharacteristic play of "Thirty Rise" once again broke through the shackles of previous auto companies' marketing self-interest, allowing Great Wall Motors to successfully break the circle. It has not only attracted the continuous attention of the party and government, current affairs, technology, finance and other cross-level media. Dominating the screen’s circle of friends and frequently appearing on the hot search lists, the WeChat index and Baidu index such as "Great Wall Motors" and "Wei Jianjun" have also surged dozens of times. Trending.

In this process, the positive feedback from netizens also contributed to this series of marketing events. For example, after "repenting to create Ali Jackma" and "Huawei Ren Zhengfei in winter", another CEO stalker who swept the screen-"To survive next year Wei Jianjun", "Wei Jianjun life hangs on the line" turned out to be more memorable The form has brought a lot of exposure to the brand, triggered the “tap water” effect with long-lasting combat effectiveness, and greatly increased the topicality of Great Wall Motors.

It is said that Great Wall Motors makes cars reliable, but in terms of marketing, Great Wall Motors is also an ACE. In 2020, Haval brand will join hands with Luo Yonghao, Olympic champion Chen Yibing, Chopstick Brothers and other celebrities in different fields to conduct multiple live broadcasts, and use their traffic and popularity to further enhance brand exposure; Great Wall Cannon cross-country pickup becomes the official media of the Mount Everest elevation measurement event The work car, which perfectly fits the product attributes and brand tonality, has made it famous in the world; and the recently publicly called "Hover Dog" has further enhanced the viscosity between the brand and users through interaction with consumers. Circle the powder again.

The god-level operation of the micro-film + open letter once again fully demonstrated the marketing skills of Great Wall Motors, and created an elephant-level marketing gameplay, which has attracted the pursuit of both inside and outside the industry. With strong product strength and strong marketing skills, how can such a Great Wall Motor not survive next year?

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