Raptor robot speed comparable to cheetah

A sprinting robot was designed by the researchers of the Institute of Advanced Science and Technology of Korea (HANS Institute) MSC Laboratory. But unlike Boston Dynamics' "Cheetah" modeled on the fastest mammals currently living on Earth, this robot was inspired by the Cretaceous raptors.

The rapid operation of the Raptor is the use of its two legs, it has been named "Raptor", it has achieved 46 kilometers per hour on a treadmill. The known maximum human speed record is 44.72 kilometers (27.44 miles) per hour, almost as fast as a cheetah. The two robots are very different. Cheetahs are bulky and raptors are lightweight. It does not have a fixed foot. It has two flexible carbon fiber prostheses on the leg and only one motor. It also has a tail to provide physical balance. Although it doesn't look like a Raptor's tail, its way of working is similar: a robotic rod is fixed to run on one side of the wave, providing a counterbalance preventing forward or backward.

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