Quality analysis of steel bar joints of steel bars

1. Insufficient welding strength of steel bars. If there is no problem in confirming the quality of steel bars, there are mainly the following reasons;
(1) The end face of the welded steel bar is unqualified. For example, the gap between the two steel bars is too large, and the end faces have debris.
(2) The flame adjustment is not good during the welding process. The initial heating does not use the carbonized flame, or the flame deviates from the pressing surface, causing the end face oxidation phenomenon.
(3) If the flame heating time is too long during the welding process, the carbon molecules are burnt out a lot or the heat affected zone is too large, and the grain becomes thicker to reduce the strength of the steel bar.
(4) If the heating temperature is too low or the heating time is too short, the center of the steel bar does not reach the welding temperature, that is, the pressure is started, and the strength of the molecule at the center of the welding end face is insufficiently penetrated and diffused.
(5) In the later stage of heating, the heater will move back in the future, causing uneven heating of the steel bars.
2. The main reason for the unqualified appearance quality of the welded steel bars is the website http://languang126.com
(1) The heating temperature is low; the pressurization is insufficient, or the heating portion is short.
(2) The heating time is too long; the pressure is too large; the heating is uneven.
(3) The clamp does not clamp the steel bar; the fixture is premature.
The reasons for the unqualified appearance quality of the welded steel bars and the treatment methods are shown in the following figure;
a. The diameter of the upset is not enough (the diameter of the pier is less than 1.4 times the diameter of the bar); the reason is that the heating temperature is low or the pressurization is insufficient.
b. The length of the thick part of the pier is not enough (less than 1.2 times the diameter of the steel bar); the reason is that the heating temperature is low, or the area of ​​the heated steel bar is short.
c. The steel bars are not concentric; the reason is that the clamps are not concentric, or the fixture is removed too early, or the end faces of the steel bars are too inclined.
d. The joint shaft is ring-shaped; the reason is that the heating time is short or the heating is excessive.
e. The joint is drooping; the reason is that the flame adjustment is not good, or the operation is not good, or the heating time is too long.
f. The joint is bent; the reason is that the reinforcement is not aligned, or the fixture is premature.
g. Joint cracking; cause, the heating flame is too large.
h. Joint bias type; reason, the ends of the steel bar are unevenly heated.
i. The shape is concave and convex; the reason is uneven heating, or the end surface of the steel bar is too large.
3. The flame emitted by the heater is not flat.
Use a hand pliers or other tool to adjust the nozzle to pass.
4. The pump head of the oil pump leaks oil, or the pressure bar and the pump body plunger leak oil.
Remove the replacement rubber seal.
5. The oil pump can't put pressure on it.
Check the pump for oil shortage, oil leakage at each joint, or disassemble the front of the pump body and thoroughly clean the parts.
6. The plunger body of the fixture is stuck with the cylinder block.
Remove the front of the fixture, fix it on the top, clean it smoothly, and add lubricant.

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