Qiangtang irrigation cloth

It is to build a dike with impervious materials on the surface of a flat pile, and build a number of ponds, then pump the leachate into it and infiltrate into the heap. The advantage of this liquid distribution method is low energy consumption, no acid mist, and is beneficial to the health of the operator. If the permeability of the surface of the heap and the pile are uniform, no dead zone will occur during the leaching process. According to the nature of the ore, Chen Xiangbiao took the material on site and used the liquid distribution method for the 794 mine heap leaching field, which achieved the expected results. The disadvantage of this kind of cloth liquid is that it is not conducive to the oxygen demand of the leaching liquid and the chemical reaction. When pumping the immersion liquid, it is easy to cause partial scouring on the surface of the heap, causing uneven penetration, and it is impossible to the four surrounding slopes of the heap. To implement the cloth liquid, I had to use artificial watering. For uranium mines with high oxidation levels and small heap leaching sites, there may be merits, and large heap leaching fields are generally not suitable.

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