PYB/PYZ/PYD1200 cone crusher model

1200 cone crusher is PY series spring cone crusher model, there are three types of PYB/PYZ/PYD cavity optional. The 1200 cone crusher produces between 18-168 t/h per hour, and its output varies with the size of the discharge. The PYB1200 cone crusher has an output of 110-160 tons per hour and the discharge particle size is 20-50mm. PYZ1200 cone-breaking output per hour is between 42-135 tons, and the discharge particle size is between 8-25mm. The PYD1200 cone crusher has an output of 18-105 tons per hour and a discharge particle size of 3-15 mm. Thus, the finer the discharge particle size, the lower the yield. Therefore, when selecting the cone crusher cavity type, customers should follow the specific discharge particle size requirements.

However, the 1200 cone crusher is always an old-fashioned machine, so it is inevitable that there will be some defects in performance. As a professional manufacturer of cone crusher in China, Shanwei Road Bridge has always been dedicated to the research and development of cone crusher technology. Our company SC1000 composite cone crusher has much more output than the 1200 cone crusher under the same feeding port size. In addition, Shanghai Shanwei Road Bridge SC1000 cone crusher has four kinds of cavity types: coarse crushing, medium crushing, fine crushing and ultra-fine crushing. It can meet the needs of customers in all aspects. If you are interested in our SC1000 compound cone crusher, please call 18601637265 and consult with the manager to answer the specific situation and price of SC1000 cone crusher!

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