Purchase of CW-5200 and CW-6300 chillers by an Italian customer for cooling X-ray devices

Today, I, S&A instructor, will share a case with you. It is about the Italian customer Alger who is a manufacturer of X-ray device development and production. He never replied to S&A`s emails but directly placed an order of the chiller. Alger consulted with S&A by email. However, after a reply by S&A, no reply has been received from Alger. One week later, S&A made several attempts to reach him but received no reply. Finally, S&A send the information of CW-5200 and CW-6300 chillers to Alger. I thought that the transaction would be a failure. However, the situation has changed. Alger directly ordered CW-5200 and CW-6300 chillers for cooling X-ray devices upon receipt of the information of CW-5200 and CW-6300 chillers. This case tells us that if the customer has not replied for long time, we may send him/her our relevant information so that he/she will have deeper understanding of the chiller. The customer will be left with a deep impression on our chillers, which contributes to improved close rate. Thank you so much for your support and trust in S&A. All S&A water chillers have passed the certification of ISO, CE, RoHS and REACH, and the warranty period has been extended to 2 years. Our products are worthy of your trust! S&A has a perfect laboratory test system to simulate the use environment of water chillers, conduct high-temperature test and improve quality continuously, aiming to make you use at ease; and S&A has a complete material purchasing ecological system and adopts the mode of mass production, with annual output of 60,000 units as a guarantee for your confidence in us. The technical parameter of CW-5200: http://www.teyuchiller.com/Products/ChillerCW52001400Wco.html The technical parameter of CW-6300: http://www.teyuchiller.com/Products/ChillerCW60003000Wco.html CONTACT S&A TE:+86-20-89301885 FAX:+86-20-84309967 SKYPE: teyuchiller Email:marketing@teyu.com.cn Website: http://www.teyuchiller.com