Promote energy-efficient motor drive technology programs to promote the development of the industry

Motor is an important industrial energy-consuming equipment, widely used in pumps, fans, compressors, transmission machinery and other fields, its power consumption accounts for about 60% of China's entire industrial power consumption. Domestic energy-saving motor system was listed as China's "second Five-Year" one of the top ten key energy-saving projects, energy-saving motor is the focus of national energy-saving emission reduction work. Ministry of Industry said it will continue to promote high-energy-consuming equipment out of this year transformation. Actively promote the financial subsidies for outdated motors, pumps and transformers , and promote the application and transformation of energy-saving technologies. In order to provide all companies in the industry a platform dedicated to discussing motor technology, the Big Bit information and semiconductor device application network will be held on May 28 in Hangzhou, the second motor drive and control technology and application seminar. By then, Fujitsu Semiconductor's product manager will Peng Tao will carry out the theme of "Fujitsu variable frequency control solutions and products" bring wonderful technical lectures. At present, over 2,000 domestic manufacturers of differential and small and medium-sized motors and their counterparts have become indispensable basic products in the national economy and national defense modernization. As the motor energy efficiency level for energy conservation, environmental protection is of great significance, all countries have formulated a motor energy efficiency labeling, and issued a decree to enforce. Since July 1, 2011, China has implemented energy efficiency standards for high-efficiency motors (second-level efficiency) and banned the production of ordinary-efficiency motors (third-level efficiency and below). In the EU, in order to implement the EuP Directive of the European Parliament and the EU Council, 2011 Starting June 16, motors should not be below IE2 energy efficiency levels; in the United States, the 2010 NEMA design standard, NEMA 12-11, PremiumEfficiency, is mandated. Promote low-carbon, energy-saving emission reduction policies, driven by the promotion and application of energy-saving mechanical and electrical equipment will show substantial progress. With the active implementation of national energy-saving emission reduction and efficient energy-saving motor subsidy policy gradually implemented, efficient energy-saving motor industry will usher in explosive growth. Professional audience registration is in progress, click on the Internet immediately. More to win the big bit on-site beautiful gifts and three awards opportunities!