Production plan management system

1. Based on the company's guiding plan and the mandatory plan, combined with the actual situation of the company, prepare the annual production and operation plan to make the company's production develop smoothly.
2. Based on the annual production and operation plan, prepare monthly production operation plans, generally reach the units before the 26th of each month.
3. Main contents of the production plan: mining operation volume, excavation work volume, planting department quantity, output value, product output, technical indicators, etc.
4. After the production plan is issued, due to changes in the external market and the internal conditions of the company, the production department shall promptly propose a plan revision plan according to the production situation and changes, and organize and implement it after review and approval by the production deputy general manager, and promptly notify Relevant production units.
5. Count the technical and economic indicators at the beginning of each month and submit them to the relevant departments of the company.
6. Planners should carefully check the implementation and implementation of each unit's plan, and find problems and solve problems in time.
7. Establish a sound and complete plan assessment system.

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