Problems in instrumentation industry and countermeasures

Problems in instrumentation industry and countermeasures

In recent years, although China's environmental protection instrumentation has made certain progress, it is far from meeting actual needs in terms of variety and quantity. Moreover, problems such as low monitoring frequency, large sampling error, and inaccurate monitoring data also occur during use. These problems not only affect the scientific decision-making of environmental management and the seriousness of law enforcement, but also tend to dampen the enthusiasm of enterprises for pollution control and environmental protection. High-quality analyzers, special-purpose monitoring instruments and automatic monitoring systems are mostly introduced from abroad, and domestic equipment accounts for a small share. There are several main reasons why this situation is caused:

(1) The operating system of the company is not perfect and tends to converge. The performance of the large-scale state-owned enterprises has a problem in their operation mechanism, and they cannot play a good role as a backbone; many small and medium-sized enterprises flock to the market, lack technology, lack funds, and repeat at low levels. The quality and performance of the instrument cannot be compared with imported equipment. contend.

(2) The product structure is irrational. There is a shortage of high-tech products, and the oversupply of low-end products has contradictions between supply and demand, and it is unable to adapt to strict environmental management needs. At present, the environment monitoring instrument industry is small in scale, backward in technology, and disorderly in competition, and in particular, problems such as unstable technical performance and low level of integration have led to the oversupply of middle- and low-end products, as well as high-quality and high-performance environmental protection instruments. There is no domestic production, and most of them rely on imports.

(3) Low research and development capabilities. The research and development capabilities of Chinese companies are still not much different from those of foreign companies. At the same time, there is also a lack of mechanisms for close cooperation between research institutes and enterprises. Scientific research results cannot be quickly realized in industrialization. The government's investment in developing and developing environmental science instruments and venture capital are also insufficient.

The development countermeasures for China's environmental protection instrumentation industry The development of the environmental protection instrumentation industry must first fully take into account China's national conditions. Environmental monitoring equipment suitable for China's national conditions should have the following characteristics: 1, cheap, low maintenance costs. 2, can adapt to a variety of harsh conditions. 3, easy to maintain, easy to operate. 4, stable operation, strong anti-interference ability. On the basis of fully considering China's national conditions, we must also grasp the development trend of environmental protection instrumentation. Relevant experts believe that the development trend of China's environmental monitoring equipment has the following points: 1. Towards the development of automation, intelligence, and networking in Sanhua; 2. To develop from labor-intensive to technology-intensive; 3. From narrower areas. Monitoring and development of monitoring in all directions; 4. Development of simple ground environment monitoring combined with remote sensing environmental monitoring.

Combined with the main issues of China's environmental protection instrumentation industry, several suggestions were made:

(1) Increase scientific research investment. With the help of various supporting policies of the country, we will promote the industrialization and technical upgrading of environmental monitoring instruments. At the same time, we will promote the integration of scientific research and production of monitoring instruments and encourage environmental monitoring instrument manufacturers, universities, and scientific research institutions to adopt various methods to carry out technical cooperation and accelerate the transformation of environmental monitoring technologies.

(2) To promote the reorganization of production enterprises, improve the competitiveness of enterprises, and accelerate the process of localization of high-tech products. The use of market control measures to promote the restructuring of enterprises, and gradually change the monitoring equipment production technology is weak, scattered investment, low-level duplication, low market competitiveness, to achieve appropriate scale of intensive production, the formation of a number of monitoring equipment production backbone enterprises . For foreign advanced monitoring equipment of complete sets of technologies, we encourage the introduction, digestion, and absorption of key technologies from abroad, and joint venture production, and gradually realize localization.

(3) Increase the supervision and management of environmental monitoring instruments and accelerate the formulation and improvement of relevant laws and regulations. Establish and improve the operational marketization mechanism and qualification accreditation system of the environmental automatic monitoring system to eliminate the negative impact caused by the chaos in the operating market. Improve the development planning and technical policies of environmental monitoring instruments in a timely manner, clarify the direction of the development of environmental monitoring instruments, guide and standardize the healthy development of environmental monitoring instruments, and avoid the blind obedience of enterprises. By organizing and implementing the demonstration project of the construction of the environmental monitoring automation network, the formation of the automated environment monitoring network system in China will be promoted, and the market demand for environmental monitoring equipment will be expanded.

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