Positive heat pump is good quality guarantee good sales

It is true that the heat pump sales have been increasing year by year. To a certain extent, it is inseparable from its quality. An annual average COP value of more than 4.0, but also can give almost zero fault, zero maintenance slogan products, it does not want to be "chasing" are difficult! The following figure shows a heat pump hot water unit put into one project at a time - the 15 RBR-60F air source heat pump hot water unit.

Positive heat pump transport diagram

Positive heat pump transport diagram

including many kinds of Rexroth Pump. Main pump, main motor, water pump , gear pump and so on pumps, original pump, import this pump from orginal company, quality is best, price is higher. Also have pump made in china, is same size with the original one, price is lower, quality is also good. which kind you need , pls let me know !

Rexroth Pump

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