Popular summer hatchback air conditioning use tips

As soon as the summer arrives, the public car owners will begin to frequently turn on air conditioners to cool off the heat. However, when it comes to the use of air conditioning in summer, it is not as simple as opening and closing. If it is not properly used in public car air-conditioners, it will bring a certain degree of harm to the health of the driver or the person who is driving. , then for everyone to mention a few public car hatchback summer air conditioning use some small suggestions.

1. If the public hatchback truck is parked in the sun for a long time, don't immediately turn on the air conditioner when you want to use the vehicle again. After the windows and doors are opened, after the outer circulation is started and the hot air inside the vehicle is gradually discharged, the temperature in the interior of the car is significantly reduced. The doors and windows are closed, and the public air-conditioned hatchback air conditioner is turned on. . When using air conditioners, do not always close and open them frequently to avoid damage to the air conditioning system.


2. When the public car is turned on in the public car, it is best not to smoke in the car again. If it is true that smoking addiction can not help, then you will adjust the air conditioning ventilation control to the outer circulation.

3. Do not stack anything around the air inlet of the air conditioner to prevent the air intake from being blocked, resulting in smooth air circulation in the air conditioning system.

4. The cleaning work inside the public hatchback vehicle should be handled regularly, and the dirt or dust on the air outlet must be cleaned up in a timely manner. This will not only benefit the quality of breathing air, but also make the car more tidy.

5. Do not close the doors and windows for a long time after the vehicle is parked, and blow air conditioners or rest in public hatchbacks. Avoid the increase of carbon monoxide in the car and cause carbon monoxide poisoning.


6. When the public car is driving to the destination and knows that it is necessary to stop, turn off the air-conditioning air-conditioner first, then turn on the natural wind, and then raise the temperature in the air-conditioning duct before stopping the vehicle so that it can communicate with the outside world. The temperature difference is eliminated, so that the dryness of the on-board air conditioning system can be maintained, so as to avoid the breeding of mold inside the air conditioner due to the wet conditions.

7. In the process of driving a vehicle, when traffic jams are serious, do not try to increase the effect of the air conditioning to allow the engine to run at a high speed. This has an impact on the performance and life of the public air-conditioning compressor and the engine of the public car.

8. A lot of drivers always turn off the air conditioner after the vehicle is turned off. When the vehicle is started again next time, the air conditioner starts up as the vehicle starts. When the load of the public hatchback car is started with the load accompanied by air conditioning, a high load will cause damage to the engine of the vehicle. So don't be in the habit of hurting the engine. Be sure to develop a good habit of turning off the air conditioner first and turning off the vehicle. And each time the air conditioner is turned on, it should wait for the vehicle to start for two to three minutes. After the engine has been fully lubricated, the air conditioner is turned on.

9. The air-conditioning filter will filter out a lot of impurities after it is used for a long time. In order to ensure the quality of the air and the cooling effect, it is necessary to check the inspection work. When the cleaning is clear, the replacement will be replaced.

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