Plant leaf area meter price-how much is the leaf area meter?

Plant physiology and ecology research instruments mainly include plant leaf area meter, photosynthesis meter, plant chlorophyll meter , root analyzer, plant water potential meter, etc. The use of these instruments allows scientific researchers to more accurately grasp the growth and development of crops. Accumulate all kinds of effective data to help the development of scientific research work. Among the many kinds of plant physiology and ecology research instruments, the plant leaf area meter is a more commonly used instrument, so how much is the price of the plant leaf area meter, and how much does the leaf area meter cost?

There are many types of plant leaf area meters, and there are many brands, and the price difference is obvious. However, the most popular applications on the market are leaf area meters produced by Top Yunnong Company. The main models are YMJ-A, YMJ-B, YMJ- CH, YMJ-D. In order to give back to users and help the development of agricultural scientific research, the price of Top Yunnong leaf area meter has been adjusted significantly, and the price has dropped to freezing point. The price of YMJ-A plant leaf area meter is 9,700 yuan, and the price of YMJ-B leaf area meter is 9,800 yuan, the price of YMJ-CH intelligent leaf area measuring system is 10,000 yuan, and the price of YMJ-D leaf area measuring instrument is 25,300 yuan.

YMJ-D leaf area measuring instrument

YMJ-D leaf area measuring instrument

Here is the introduction of YMJ-D leaf area measuring instrument for scientific research workers. This leaf area measuring instrument adopts advanced image recognition technology and ergonomic principles. It is easy to use and simple to operate. One-click analysis can measure the number of leaves. Species parameters: leaf area, leaf length, leaf width, aspect ratio, circumference, shape factor, shape factor. The instrument is intelligently spliced ​​by mobile phone + back panel, with high accuracy, and is a big agricultural brand and is trustworthy. It can be widely used in plant physiology, plant ecology, plant pathology, agronomy, horticulture, forestry and other disciplines, and can be used for morphology and plant pathology research.

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