Phosphorus Chemical Equipment Manufacturing Base Settled in Guizhou Xixi Recycling Economy Fine Phosphorus Coal Chemical Industry Zone

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China Drying Network News In recent years, with the continuous expansion of the Xifeng Circular Economy Fine Phosphorus and Coal Chemical Industrial Zone industry, a large number of pressure pipe fittings and valves required in the region have to be purchased from a number of enterprises outside the province. The transportation costs also caused many unqualified pipe fittings to no longer be used for processing. The Guizhou Kaihua Chemical Equipment Manufacturing Base, with an area of ​​820 acres and an investment of 210 million yuan, has officially settled in Guizhou Xixi Circular Economy Fine Coal Chemical Industry Zone. The opening of the open phosphorus chemical equipment manufacturing base will solve this problem.

As an advanced process, it is mainly used to form parts with complex profiles. The expander is a special equipment designed and manufactured to realize this process. 1. This machine is suitable for vacuum cups of stainless steel, aluminum, iron and other materials. Insulation cups and kettles are machines and machinery industry, subdivided into hydraulic machinery and parts categories, which have been recognized by customers. The hydroforming machine can also be called a water rising forming machine. It is mainly suitable for the water swelling forming process of parts with complex surface morphology and high flow linearity. For example: stainless steel, copper, aluminum, iron and other vacuum cups, thermos, kettles and other tableware, utensils, water swelling process. The industry in which the process is applied is constantly being developed and extended. Among them, Xingdi fast water up forming machine adopts this process to produce products with unique shapes that cannot be realized by products produced by other technologies.

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