Palladium alloy carbon monoxide oxidation catalyst come out

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China Drying Network News Recently, the Russian Institute of Dyestuffs and Intermediates and the Moscow Fine Chemical Technology University jointly developed a metal palladium alloy carbon monoxide oxidation catalyst and obtained national patents, but also have the ability to carry out industrial production technology.

In the case of fire, technical accidents, and environmental disasters, a large amount of carbon monoxide-containing toxic gases are produced. In the toxic gas protective equipment of the world, a common-temperature carbon monoxide chemical absorbent called hopgrater is commonly used. Russian researchers use palladium alloy carbon monoxide low-temperature oxidation catalyst instead of traditional absorbers, which can greatly improve the oxidation efficiency. When used in gas masks, it can enhance the protection of the human respiratory system. Based on this new scientific research achievement, Russia's enterprises specializing in the production of protective equipment have now launched a total of five kinds of protective equipment and have obtained product certificates for the Russian market.

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