On the correct bargaining posture

Car bargaining is the norm, how to cut down the price, how much can be cut down there is a secret, today Xiaobian will teach everyone a few tips.

First of all, we must know that our main goal is to cut the naked car price. The car price is generally divided into four parts: bare car price, purchase tax, insurance, and baggage. In these four parts, insurance and purchase tax are If it is directly related to the price of naked cars, if the price of naked cars drops, then the prices of purchase tax and insurance will have to be recalculated. Therefore, we must stabilize our bargaining process and not expose our own reserve price. To make sales judge your psychological price, let him first report his lowest price. Of course, this is a psychological warfare. When you buy a car, you can call more friends together. The so-called people have many ideas. And in the process of bargaining, your friends can also help you to supplement what you missed.

The first move, desire


In general, 4s shop management controls the price is divided into 3 layers, the shop general, the director, the salesman, each level corresponds to the preferential standard is different, we want to obtain the salesman above level discount, then they must be like their superiors Please show that before they consult, the salesman will certainly negotiate with us and ask to pay a deposit or ask if they can buy on the same day. If the negotiation results can be consistent, he will consult the superior and tell us the highest discount. After the show, we find that At this time, the price given to us has indeed come down a lot. Some people may now intend to sign a contract directly. However, we cannot worry. How do you know that this price is the lowest price agreed by his leadership? Its realization is only to start real bargaining, we see the price after the request, do not show a very satisfied look, to show that the price is still some distance away from your psychological price, and then chat with him Your view of this car, and the contrast between the advantages and disadvantages of other models with the same price, suggesting that if he really can not talk it down to look at other stores.

The second trick, fake drama really sings


At this time, the role of our accompanying friends can also come in handy. The best companions are the opposite sex friends, men and women, and sing and one (everybody is wise, this is not necessary to specifically say it) to force the salesman to tell the truth The reserve price, if the reserve price goes down, shows that this move works, although this time the reserve price may be much lower than the last time, but also to hold back, to pretend to tell the sale is very regrettable, and now the price is away from you The expected price is still high (1-2K). You can see if you can ask for your leadership. I also know that you are very difficult, but if you can, we can pay it today. In order to make an order fulfilled, general sales will ask the leader again. If you can satisfy your quotation, then it is best. If not, let them ask for a price of 500. After this several times, the price will be squeezed. It's almost the same, but it's still too early to sign the contract because the gifts haven't been negotiated yet. In the general bargaining process, sales will talk about gifts and prices. It's a routine. The role is to distract our attention, but we don't want to Really confuse it, don't forget that our real purpose is to bargain. If the price can't be discussed, the other party said that it can send you a lot of gifts. The price of the gift is still more attractive, but the contents of the gift are really valuable. This is a question worth considering. For this kind of situation, we must express our general interest in giving gifts. We can give the best, do not give or take care of ourselves, and do not stop blocking ourselves. When we take gifts, we mainly look at their quality. The quantity is less important than the quality. Start with large items first. For example, the leather seat covers floor armor, pedals, floor mats, and fenders. If we had the bottom price almost the same, there would be no profit for him. If these gifts are wanted, it would be difficult. It's a bit big. In fact, there are no words to speak of here, and the word "grinds", so that the accompanying friends also said together, so that sales will generally compromise a little.

Actually speaking so much is nothing more than a psychological warfare. No matter what you buy, you can use it. Hopefully, it will help a friend who will be buying a car.

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