Omron Develops MEMS Flow Sensors for Fuel Cells

On January 14, 2011, Omron released a new MEMS flow sensor "Form D6F-70" that can measure fuel cell gas flow. The previously measured maximum flow rate of the product was 50 liters/minute, and the current product was increased to 70 liters/minute. January 25, 2011 began listing. The sales target for 2013 is approximately 200,000.

This product is intended for flow control of the air electrode of a domestic fuel cell system. This application "needed to have a detection performance of 70 liters per minute" (Omron), and therefore the original product was improved. "Implemented by improving the structure of internal flow paths" (the company). The MEMS flow sensor element equipped is the same as the original product and has a size of 1.55 mm×1.55 mm×0.4 mm. The shape of the D6F-70 is 84.6mm x 32mm x 30mm.

OMRON plans to market a measurable maximum flow rate of 200 liters per minute in 2012. This product will be used in commercial fuel cell systems.

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