Oil Pump for V. W. Cabrio/A6 Avant/ Wagon OEM 111115107 Bkhd Oil Pump

  • Model NO.: 111115107 BKHD
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Automatic: Automatic
  • Condition: New
  • Payment: 30% Prepayment, 70% Effected Before Shipment
  • Selling Piont: Factory Supplier with Attractive Price
  • Part No.: 111115107 Bkhd
  • Quality: Standard
  • Trademark: XYTOSAN
  • Specification: STD/OEM/ODM
  • HS Code: 8413303000
  • Type: Oil Pump
  • Certification: ISO
  • Standard: Standard
  • Delivery Time: 20--60days
  • Guaranty Period: 1--2years
  • Suit for: V.W /Passat1.8t/20V
  • Extra Service: Free Simple Laser Mark
  • Production: Oil Pump
  • Transport Package: Neutral/Requirement Packing
  • Origin: Anhui China
Oil Pump for V.W. Cabrio/A6 Avant / Wagon OEM 111115107 BKHD Engine pump

Apply for V.W                                         
 OEM No. 111115107 BKHD
         Size   Normal standard
Warranty   6 months
Packing standard    1. Neutral packing    
    2. Customized Packing
Delivery 25 days after receiving the advance payment
Port shanghai or ningbo
Panyment term T/T, western union


 1. Competitive price, best and satisfied price.
  2. Meet or exceed OE specifications in form, fit and function.
  3. Delivery in time, 100% delivery in time.
  4. Professional service with many years exporting experience.

Oil Pump for V. W. Cabrio/A6 Avant/ Wagon OEM 111115107 Bkhd Oil Pump
Oil Pump for V. W. Cabrio/A6 Avant/ Wagon OEM 111115107 Bkhd Oil Pump
Oil Pump for V. W. Cabrio/A6 Avant/ Wagon OEM 111115107 Bkhd Oil Pump

1) Material: aluminum alloy, casting iron;
2) The characteristics: simple structure, small volume, light weight, large amount of oil, smooth operation, low noise, good high speed performance;
3) The role of oil pump in the lubricating system: oil pump function is to increase the oil to a certain pressure, forcing delivery to various activity's engine parts;
4) Oil pump structure can be divided into two categories, gear type and rotor type.
Gear oil pump is divided into inner gear and an external gear type, generally the latter is called a gear oil pump;
5) The gear oil pump: simple structure, convenient processing, reliable operation, long service life and pump oil pressure is high.
Widely used rotor pump: rotor complex shape, multi-purpose powder metallurgy, and this kind of pump has the advantages of gear pump also, but compact structure, small volume.

Our oil pump(auto OIL pump,auto pump) is very popular in the world market by its O.E.M quality. And we have all models of FUEL Pump suitable for all cars, such as these cars of TOYOTA, NISSAN, MITSUBISHI, HONDA, SUZUKI, DAIHATSU, ISUZU, MAZDA, FORD, BUICK, CHEVY, PEUGEOT, DAEWOO, KIA, RENAULT, CITROEN, VOLKSWAGEN, MERCEDES-BENZ, BMW, AUDI, VOLVO, OPEL, HYUNDAI, SKOKA, LADA, FIAT, ALFA AND ETC.

1). New products can be developed upon customers' sample or drawing;
2). Samples can be sent for customers to check the quality before ordering(if we have them in stock);
3). Making laser logo upon customers' needs;
4). Our factory can provide OEM service;
5). We can offer various of oil & fuel pump,such as:BENZ,BUICK,CATEPILLAR,
6). Other engine parts: engine valve, valve guide, cylinder head,complete cylinder 
      head,crankshaft,camshaft,connecting rod,valve tappet,rock arm,rock arm     
      assembly and so on...

21R TOYOTA 15100-35020
XY1227-1 22R TOYOTA 15100-35020
XY1243 2A/3A/4A TOYOTA 15100-15020/15100-19015
XY1223 9D09/3F TOYOTA 15100-97401
XY1202   KIA 21310-22010
XY1092 2108 LADA 21080-1011010-00
XY1093 2112 LADA 21120-1011010-00
XY1132 U448 KIA 21310-32054
XY1130 K30F PRIDE KIA 0K30F-14-100/0K30F-14-100C/D
XY1124   KIA OKO13-14-100
XY1201   KIA 21310-26010
XY1216   BUICK 10413953
XY1217 2.0L BUICK 90411567
XY1218 1.8 GM  
XY1219 1.6 GM 96350159\96386934
XY1204   HYUNDAI 21310-23002
XY1090 S-89 DAEWOO/HYUNDAI 15100-87111/15100-87104
XY1091 M-2 DAEWOO 21310-02500
XY1239 M-1 HYUNDAI 21310-02500
XY1203   HYUNDAI 21310-22003
XY1205   HONDA 13500-PTO-AOO
XY1206   HONDA 15100-PAA-A01
XY1208 307 PEUGEOT  
XY1209 206 PEUGEOT 1001.87
XY1210 405 PEUGEOT 1001.69
XY1069 LJ-80 SUZUKI 16100-73001/02/03
XY1232 G10/G13 SUZUKI 16100-82811/16100-82822
XY1242 SJ413 SUZUKI 16100-60813/16100-60811
XY1221   DAEWOO 90412744/90541505
XY1233 70B DAEWOO 16100-70810-000/94580158
XY1070 HIJET1000 DAEWOO 15110.87714
XY1234 323 MAZDA E580-14-100A/E301-14-100
XY1249 3406 Caterpillar 4N0735
XY1250 3408 Caterpillar 8N8734
XY1251 6BT CUMMINS 4897481
XY1252 T6-354 F4 TURBC PERKINS 37536590-14
XY1253 6.354 F4 PERKINS 37536590-12
XY1254 6.354 F2 PERKINS 37572780
XY1255   TOYOTA 15100-11050
XY1256   TOYOTA 15100-11110
XY1257   NISSAN 13500-53Y00
Item Engine Model Part Name OEM
1 V.W./GOLF OIL PUMP 027115105C
2 V.W./AUDI OIL PUMP 021115105B
3 V.W./A4 OIL PUMP 06A115105B
5 NISSAN/ Z24 OIL PUMP 15010-V0300
6 V.W./ JP OIL PUMP 074115105A
7 V.W. OIL PUMP 041115105
8 V.W./ AUDI OIL PUMP 026115105A
9 V.W./A2 OIL PUMP 030115105N
10 V.W. OIL PUMP 111115107BK
11 V.W. OIL PUMP 111115107BKHD
 We supply V.W. Oil pump for Jetta, Audi, Skoda, Golf, Passat, Polo, Bento, Vanagon, Coupe,Santana... 
Oil Pump for V. W. Cabrio/A6 Avant/ Wagon OEM 111115107 Bkhd Oil Pump
Oil Pump for V. W. Cabrio/A6 Avant/ Wagon OEM 111115107 Bkhd Oil Pump

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Oil Pump for V. W. Cabrio/A6 Avant/ Wagon OEM 111115107 Bkhd Oil Pump


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