Notice on Organizing to Participate in Beijing China International Auto Parts Expo

Ten Business Development (2010) 10
Shiyan Economic Development Zone Investment Promotion Bureau
About the organization to participate in the Beijing China International Auto Parts Expo
District companies, auto parts dealers:

The China International Auto Parts Expo organized by the Ministry of Commerce was held on September 25-27, 2010 in Beijing China International Exhibition Center (Old Hall). This is the only national-level and international auto parts exhibition organized by the Ministry of Commerce in an innovative mode of exhibition and following the principles of internationalization, specialization, and marketization. It is positioned at the same level as and exceeds the heights of international top professional exhibitions such as the Las Vegas Motor Show in the United States and the Frankfurt Frankfurt Motor Show in Germany, and is oriented towards the global supporting and aftermarket markets. It has been successfully held for three times. The previous fair attracted 1,255 companies from 126 countries and regions and 56,000 professional visitors. It was highly praised and widely appreciated by exhibitors and automakers both at home and abroad.

The 2010 Expo will continue to increase international investment promotion efforts and attract more well-known multinational companies to purchase in China. The Ministry of Commerce has issued notices on the invitation and invitation of the Expo to various provinces, autonomous regions, and municipalities directly under the Central Government as well as China's overseas business organizations. In response to the requirements of the majority of automobile and auto parts purchasers, this year it will specially increase the professional pavilions in the domestic market to expand the scope of the domestic post-market enterprises to participate in the procurement, so that exhibitors can expand the international market while expanding the domestic market. During the expo, special events will be held such as summit forums, professional forums, economic and trade talks, and procurement coordination. This year's expo will achieve new breakthroughs in the scope of exhibitors, exhibitors, professional activities, and exhibitors. The expo was highly valued by the Development Zone Management Committee. In order to make the automobile and auto parts companies in the development zone more quickly reach the international market, the management committee negotiated and communicated with the organizing committee. The two parties have reached a long-term strategic cooperation relationship. It is listed as a member of the organizing committee and is solely responsible for the work of Shiyan regional exhibitions. The relevant matters are hereby notified as follows:

1. The Expo is an important platform for the promotion of corporate products, the development of international markets, and the development of export-oriented economy. All enterprises must attach great importance to ideological and development strategies and actively participate in the exhibition.

2. The production and operation enterprises of automobiles and automobile parts and components in the Development Zone shall actively participate in this exhibition. The foreign trade export enterprises, complete vehicles and key parts and components enterprises in the area shall be the key exhibitors of this Expo.

3. In order to encourage all enterprises to actively participate in the exhibition, the Development Zone Management Committee will provide financial subsidies to the participating enterprises. That is, on the basis of the original price of 12320--18620 yuan for each booth, the development zone will provide one-time subsidies to the exhibiting companies in the area. Exhibitors will only pay 5,000 yuan per booth and pay up to 50 booths.
4. The Development Zone organizes key international exhibitors to attend the China International Auto Parts Development Summit held at the Great Hall of the People during the Expo to publicize and promote enterprises and products.
5. Organize and coordinate and support participating companies to participate in or hold professional activities such as procurement meetings, press conferences, and trade fairs during the expo.

Please notify the companies immediately after receiving this notification to the District Merchants Business Bureau. The Bureau of Commerce will arrange the exhibition booths in accordance with the company's registration and will unify the packaging of the exhibition to ensure the overall quality and effectiveness of the exhibition.
February 21, June 17

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