New underwater robot can plan its own task

A robot will soon be able to plan and execute its mission deep in the ocean, developed by researchers at MIT. Robots have their own "cognitive" capabilities. When deploying intelligent underwater robots, an engineer spends most of his time writing coded or low-level commands to directly make the robot perform a mission plan. New programming methods developed by engineers at MIT allowed robots to execute high-level decisions on how to achieve these goals. For example, an engineer may give the robot a list of exploration target locations, as well as any time constraints, as well as physical directions, such as maintaining a certain distance above the ocean floor.
Using the system designed by the MIT team, robots can plan tasks, choose which locations to explore, and in what order, within a given time frame. If an unforeseen event prevents the robot from completing a task, it can choose to abandon the task or reconfigure the hardware to recover from the failure.

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