New technology for pellet production - ingredients, mixing and pelletizing

Pellet ingredients are relatively simple, generally only iron concentrates and additives. Commonly used disc or belt feeders, electronic weighing measurement control. Additives are rarely added. For example, only 6 to 10 kilograms per ton of iron ore concentrate is added to the bentonite. It must be carefully controlled.
It is generally mixed with a cylindrical mixer or a rotating blade mixer. A factory introduced from Japan in Japan uses a wetting ball mill to mix the concentrate powder, additives and water, which can significantly improve the spheroidality and save the bentonite.
The pelleting process is very important because the pellets cannot be stored, so the production of the pelletizer must be balanced with the roaster. The quality of the raw ball directly affects the roasting process and is related to the quality of the finished product. There are two types of ball making equipment used today:
Cylinder pelletizers are used earlier and are currently commonly used in North America. Its main component is a large cylinder, placed obliquely, with a horizontal angle of about 6°. The ratio of the length to the diameter of the cylinder is 2.5 to 3.5, and the cylinder rotates around the center line during operation. The material is added from one end, and the water is replenished, and the whole process of forming the ball and growing the ball into the ball is completed in the movement. The resulting raw ball is discharged from the other end, and after screening, the unqualified person is returned to re-ball. The filling rate of the cylinder pelletizer is very low, only about 5%. Because it can not control the particle size of the discharged green ball, the amount of returned material after screening is very large, and the cyclic load can reach 100% to 300%.
The disc pelletizer is widely used in China. Its main component is a tilted disc that rotates around the central axis. The pelletizing material rolls along the bottom of the disc, and the formation and growth of the cue ball are completed simultaneously in the movement. The characteristics of the disc pelletizer are that the movement of the material has a certain regularity, and the balls of different sizes move along different trajectories, which can control the size of the green ball. Only the green ball with the required particle size can be automatically rolled out of the disc.
The inclination and rotation speed of the disc pelletizer can be adjusted, and the relationship between them is shown in the figure below. Adjusting these parameters according to the nature of the raw materials allows them to be optimally operated.
Comparing the two devices, the disc pelletizer has a small footprint and high production efficiency. The pelletizing area per square meter in one hour can produce 20 tons of pellets, while the cylindrical pelletizer has only 7 to 12 tons, but the latter does not need to be adjusted frequently, saving labor.

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