New concept dryer

Drying equipment Pivoan has developed a unique PET processing concept after accumulating more than 1,500 installation experiences in a variety of application fields and according to the current trend of the PET market to provide innovative solutions for the use of energy.

This intelligent patent energy management toolkit (EMK) PET drying system can automatically adjust the drying process according to the actual throughput of the production line, controlling the energy required for drying airflow, heating the air, the residence time of the material in the hopper, and the required cooling. A series of drying parameters, such as the amount of water, ensures that no waste energy is generated and that the energy used by the dryer is only taken on demand.
If the production line is only opened to 60% of the maximum capacity, the function of the dryer can be adjusted accordingly in the case of consistent process. Its function can be set within the range of 100% to the lowest 40% of the drying capacity, guaranteeing a saving of 50%. The energy required to heat the air, and up to 30% of the total energy consumption.

The EMK is low in cost, simple in construction, and easy to operate. Workers only need to enter the throughput of the machine per hour on the control panel, which can be used in the new drying system and the renovation of the existing system without affecting the quality of the final product. It is the ideal parameter needed to get the correct PET processing.

Bamboo Pellet Machine

China Pellet Maker,Bamboo Pellet Making Machine manufacturer, choose the high quality Bamboo Pellet Mill,Bamboo Pellet Press, etc.Bamboo Pellet Machine is made of bamboo, bamboo crumbs, bamboo powder, bamboo chips and other raw materials to press particles. Bamboo crumb granulator is suitable for investment in areas rich in bamboo resources.Bamboo Pellet Machine is a kind of granulator developed for bamboo in the series of centrifuge high efficiency granulator. Vertical ring die design, easy to feed, press uniform, large output, good results.

Model Power(kw) Capacity(t/h)

XGJ460 55 0.5-0.8

XGJ560 132 1.5-2

XGJ720 160 2-3

XGJ850 220 2.5-3.5

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