New channels for the development of rice milling industry

In addition to improving the quality of rice mills and improving the quality of rice mills, the rice milling industry in China can also develop new products, and the rational use of resources can achieve new developments in rice milling.

1. Research and Development of Metric Nutrition Breakfast Food

China's traditional breakfast foods are generally based on pasta, of course, there are metric cakes, hemp cakes and other breakfast foods. Breakfasts in the U.S. and Western Europe are ready-to-eat and brewed, very quick and easy. Rice is an important cereal breakfast food raw material, such as rice crackers, rice balls, rice flakes, etc. are brewed cereal breakfast, not only add flavoring materials, but also strengthen the nutrients, it is popular with people, the market is very large. In addition to soymilk and cereals, there is almost no cereal breakfast food in China, and the market is very deformed. A pack of cereals is more than 20 yuan, and it is out of China's consumption level. If we can research and develop cereals, such as rice, as the main raw material for breakfast and nutrition Value design at the level of 10-12 yuan per kilogram will not only guide consumption but also have a large market. The above-mentioned various kinds of cereal breakfast foods are mostly produced by extrusion and maturation methods. The manufacturing process and technology are not complicated and the production cost is not expensive. The majority of rice mills should research and develop promising nutritional breakfast cereals based on the advantages of rice and broken rice raw materials. food.

2. Research and development of rice bran food

Rice bran is the bulk of the comprehensive utilization of by-products. Currently used mainly for oil extraction. The World Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations believes that rice bran is an underutilized resource. Developed countries such as the United States are actively developing rice bran. Currently, there are rice bran extracts similar to our country's soybean milk. One ton of rice bran extract can be produced for every three tons of rice bran. Good brewing and delicious taste, its taste is far better than the current variety of soy milk on the market in China, in addition to rice bran fiber nutritious food, with potential market and benefits. Therefore, rice mills take rice bran resources as an advantage and actively develop and research various types of rice bran food in the future market.

3. Utilization and Research and Development of Rice Husk

The use of rice husks is extensive. Rice husk can be used as energy for gas power generation; rice hulls can also be used as boiler fuel to generate steam to power the engine and generate electricity; rice husks are made from rice husks, using synthetic resin as the adhesive, and hot pressed into a sheet by mixing. Can be used to make packing boxes, furniture, etc.; rice husk ash after the carbonization of the rice husk can be combined production of water glass, white carbon and activated carbon, the production of water glass can be used as soap filler and corrugated paper bonding Agents, white carbon black used as a reinforcing agent for rubber and plastic products, powdered activated carbon is currently used in medicine, food industry, foreign trade export; disposable tableware made with rice husk is safe, non-toxic, degradable, cost Low, smooth surface, beautiful appearance, can completely replace the current widespread use of plastic utensils causing environmental pollution; rice husk can also be used for rice husk feed, rice husk cement. It can be seen that the prospects for the development and utilization of rice husk are vast and promising.

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