Nanjing Jinlong intends to invest 2 billion in Wuhan to build an annual output of 10,000 electric buses

Wuhan will add another vehicle manufacturer to the vehicle layout and produce 10,000 units of pure electric vehicles annually. On March 4, 2014, recently, Mayor of Wuhan Tang Liangzhi met with Huang Hongsheng, chairman of Nanjing Jinlong Bus Manufacturing Co., Ltd., and the two parties reached a consensus on the establishment of a pure electric vehicle R&D and production base for Jinlong Bus in Han.

Nanjing Jinlong Bus Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was established in 2000. Its controlling shareholder is Nanjing Chuangyuan Tiandi Automobile Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Skyworth Group. Huang Hongsheng, the chairman of Skyworth Group, is the founder of Skyworth Group.

In 2013, Nanjing Jinlong has established a wholly-owned subsidiary in Wuhan - Nanjing Jinlong Wuhan New Energy Automotive Technology Co., Ltd. Wuhan Jinlong also formed a close strategic alliance with Tongyu Xinyuan Power Co., Ltd. founded by Wuhan University of Technology. At present, Tongyu Xinyuan's core parts and accessories for Wuhan Jinlong have reached 80%.

Huang Hongsheng said that Nanjing Jinlong would like to increase investment in the Han state and invest 2 billion yuan to establish a pure electric vehicle R&D base, production base, and core component assembly base in Wuhan. It is estimated that the annual output of pure electric buses, Chinese buses and light buses will reach 10,000 units, and annual sales will reach 10 billion yuan.

Tang Liangzhi expressed that he warmly welcomes Nanjing Jinlong to expand investment in Han. Wuhan will do its best to provide a good investment environment for enterprises and support enterprises to become bigger and stronger.

It is reported that Nanjing Jinlong ranked first in sales of new energy buses in China in 2013. The 49-seat electric passenger car produced has a cruising range of about 300 kilometers on a single charge; a 6-meter-long pure electric utility car can save 11200 liters of diesel and 75,000 yuan a year, priced at about 300,000 yuan.

With the increase of smog pollution nationwide, the new energy vehicle market ushered in new opportunities. In 2014, Wuhan City plans to invest 450 million yuan to purchase 300 new energy buses. At present, there are several giants in the industry to seize the new energy vehicle market in Wuhan. Tianjin Lishen Battery Co., Ltd. also announced that it will invest 6 billion yuan in building a battery production base in Wuhan.

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