More than 30 student bus trips in Hangzhou have been relocated in the middle of the road

More than 30 student coaches overturned in Hangzhou used to change diesel generators in the middle of the road | Diesel Generator Price / 2012-07-18

An accident occurred in Hangning Expressway yesterday
A tourist bus carrying more than 30 students accidentally overturned
Fortunately, most passengers suffered only minor skin injuries.
“At that time, I was in the car with my brother. He was listening to the song. I was playing with a cell phone. I suddenly felt that the car slammed into the direction to the left. Then there was a collision, and then I made a sharp turn to the right. Then the car turned over.” Gao Yuejun recalled when the incident occurred, he still had a fear.
At 12:09 pm yesterday, a passenger car overturn accident occurred at a distance of 50 meters from the G25 Hanging Expressway to Hangzhou in the direction of 2283 kilometers.
The coach transfers midway
More than an hour after the transfer, an accident occurred
Yesterday at 7 o'clock in the morning, Mr. Yixing, a citizen of the city of Yixing, took his wife and daughter out of the house. In order to accompany his daughter who had spent the summer vacation, he specifically requested the unit for two days and planned to take a family to play in Hangzhou.
“We got into the car at around 8:10, and the car departed from Wuxi. Because we are a group, we have two pick-up points.” Mr. Chu said, “When we get on the bus, we sit in the third-to-last row. Along the way, I was chatting with my wife and daughter."
According to reports, a total of 44 people on board were traveling to Jiangsu Province to register for a two-day tour of Hangzhou. The departure date was yesterday. So yesterday morning, the car took tourists from Wuxi and Yixing. Go to Hangzhou.
“After we got on the bus from Yixing, we quickly got on the high-speed and rested in the first service area. After leaving the service area, the travel agency told us that there was a problem with the tourist bus.” said Mr. Chu. It seems that there is a problem with the clutch of the vehicle that will cause the vehicle to stall."
After discovering vehicle problems, the staff of the travel agency parked the bus on the hard shoulder of the expressway and notified the headquarters of Wuxi and transferred another bus.
It is understood that it took about two hours from the occurrence of vehicle breakdown to the replacement of a new bus.
"We waited until 9 o'clock from 9 o'clock before we changed into a car and then we continued on our journey," said Mr. Chu.
He recalled that at the time of starting more than one hour, an accident occurred. "I feel that the vehicle will be right for a while and then roll over."
“At the time, I was thrown out of the car and my wife and daughter were trapped in the car. Fortunately, my daughter was relatively young and I dragged it out smoothly.” Mr. Chu said, “But my wife seemed to be inside the car. The chair was stuck and it took me a great deal of effort to rescue her.”
Seventy-year-old father fainted when the incident happened
Fortunately, the two little granddaughters who are around have nothing to do
Mrs. Shao has been 74 years old. He took his younger brother's grandchildren and his grandchildren to visit Hangzhou yesterday.
“Nearly two Xiaosun daughters just happened to be brought by me, so I wanted to take them out and stroll around. I just remember that I was sitting in the back seat.” Said Shao old lady. “Because I’m old, I’m thinking It is more convenient to participate in tours."
According to Mrs. Shao’s introduction, the tour group had planned to go to Hangzhou at noon yesterday and take them to Lingyin Temple first. After eating, they went to Liuhe Pagoda and Hupao Road. After a visit in West Lake the next day, they went to play in Wuzhen for a long time. After returning to Wuxi.
"Originally I thought this arrangement was good and I wanted to bring my two grandchildren to play. I didn't expect to run into such an accident. When the accident happened, I already fainted. After waking up in the hospital, I quickly called for someone to Fortunately, her grandchildren are all good for her grandchildren," said Mrs. Shao.
Mrs. Shao said that due to his working relationship, he often used a train to Hangzhou for business trips in the past few years. He did not expect that he had taken such a thing for the first time when he was on a tourist bus.
Hou Ling and Gao Yuejun are cousins. They set off from their home around 6:10 in the morning and caught up with the tourist bus to Hangzhou.
“I graduated from junior high school this year. My older brother just graduated from high school. I would have liked to take this time to walk and relax. I did not expect to have a car accident.” Gao Yuejun said.
During an interview with the reporter, the two children took bread with each other. "We haven't eaten lunch yet. We continue to listen to the travel agency arrangements anyway."
Heavy rain caused blurred vision and caused accidents
In addition to four fractures, everyone else suffered minor skin injuries.
The reporter learned from the traffic police yesterday that the driver Tangmou was driving a large passenger car with a Jiangsu license (a department of Jiangsu Wuxi Jinjiang Tourist Passenger Transport Co., Ltd.). The car contained 53 passengers and actually carried 44 passengers. There were 44 people in the car except 6 seniors (3 women and 3 men, aged around 60). The rest were students travelling abroad during the summer vacation, most of whom were women.
When driving down to the road where the accident occurred, there was heavy rain on the road. Tang Mou opened the wiper to the rated speed, and the speed dropped below 70 km/h. However, due to the fact that the rain is really large, the front line of sight is blurred, and the car drifts off the overtaking lane into the central green belt (there is no central fence in Hangzhou).
At this time, the driver Tang Yi direction to the right, after the passenger car rushed to the road with great inertia, and then scraping with the side fence, and later fell into the roadbed 3 meters away, turned upside down four feet.
After a preliminary diagnosis by an on-site ambulance doctor, four women suffered a broken arm and the rest suffered minor skin injuries.
However, the high-speed traffic police took into consideration the physical condition of the majority of passengers, arranging ambulances and passenger transfer vehicles, and sending the remaining 40 passengers to Hangzhou Second People’s Hospital and Huzhou Deqing People’s Hospital for physical examination.
The specific cause of the accident and follow-up work are still further processed.
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