Modularization into the technological innovation trend of the pump industry

Modularization into the technological innovation trend of the pump industry

Energy Saving and Emission Reduction Need Technological Innovation
With the continuous advancement of technology, lightweight, modular technology innovation into the pump industry has become a trend. The pump products are bound to develop in the direction of intelligence. They can monitor parameters such as pressure, flow, temperature and vibration; they can evaluate the shaft, bearing and sealing conditions of the pump; and can diagnose the cause of the failure. The technical development of the magnetic pump and diaphragm pump industry will be concentrated in designing electronic regulating systems, improving drive devices and seeking new materials.

Scientific and design methods are necessary. Therefore, we must strengthen the basic theoretical research of the pump and pay attention to the mutual penetration of interdisciplinary, marginal, and emerging disciplines. The theoretical research focuses on the measurement, numerical simulation and performance prediction of the internal flow of the pump, the numerical calculation of the one-dimensional viscous flow, the theory and application of multiphase flow, the optimization of pump design and the diversification of design.

The high technology of production and manufacturing is the fundamental guarantee for the low price and high quality of products. By using advanced computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacturing technology, not only the design quality of the product is guaranteed, but also the design cycle is shortened, the product design capability is greatly improved, the design scheme is optimized, and the product reliability is ensured. At the same time, the application of computer manufacturing integrated system (CIMS) and virtual technology has greatly shortened the production cycle of pump products and ensured the performance of the products.

Modular pump technology is an important trend in the development of pump technology. In the modular pump series, only a few parts are needed to constitute the entire pump series, which can reduce production costs, shorten delivery time, and reduce parts and inventory, while personalized development requires the product to gradually In the direction of more varieties and small batches.

In recent years, the development and application of various new materials is an important factor in promoting the development of pump technology. Pumps use a wide variety of new materials. The main benefits are the extended pump life and reliability in corrosive media and the extension of the pump's range of use. At the same time, the surface treatment technology of coating technology and materials has become increasingly important in improving the flow characteristics and corrosion resistance of the pump, and has broad application prospects.

Traditional manufacturing and information technology

Into the information age today, pump designers have already used computer technology for product development and design (such as the use of CAD), greatly improving the speed of the design itself and shortening the product design cycle. In manufacturing-oriented manufacturing, manufacturing technology represented by numerical control technology CAM has penetrated into the production of pumps. However, judging from the recent domestic situation, CNC CAM is mainly used in the production of batch products. For the single-piece or small-batch production, the current CAM technology has not yet been universally implemented in the pump industry. The production of small batches of single-pieces is still based on traditional production equipment.

As the market requires the manufacturer's delivery time to be as short as possible, especially for the special products (products for the user's requirements), the supply period is shortened, and the pump manufacturer is bound to require the pump manufacturer to accelerate the use of CAM technology or even computer integrated manufacturing system (CIMS) and flexibility. Manufacturing (FMC and FMS) co-ordinates all aspects from design to manufacturing molds, parts processing, etc. to ensure that once the design is completed, the processing of product parts tends to be completed in the same period to ensure that the product's production cycle is shortened.

At the same time, besides using computer graphics, it will also realize product strength analysis, reliability prediction, and three-dimensional design on the carrier of the computer. It will involve the process problems, local structural problems, and assembly that were originally required to be discovered and solved in production. Issues and other aspects were raised before production and precautions were taken to shorten the product trial period.

At the same time as the diversification of products, pumps as general products, the overall total volume is still huge. In the market, in addition to technical competition, price competition of products, especially general-purpose products, is an inevitable trend. In the trend of diversification of products, it is necessary to realize the competitive advantage of product prices, improve the standardization of product components, and realize the modularization of product components. After the modularization of many parts and components, through the combination of different modules or changing the characteristics of individual parts, in order to achieve product diversification. At the same time, it is only when the degree of standardization of parts and components is improved that it is possible to base on the diversification of products to actualize the production of parts and components in order to reduce the production costs of products and to form the price competitive advantage of the products, and it is also possible to diversify the products. On the basis of further shortening the product delivery cycle.

The intrinsic characteristics of the pump refer to the intrinsic characteristics of the product including product performance, component quality, overall assembly quality, appearance quality, or simply referred to as quality. At this point, it is the focus of many pump manufacturers and is also an effort to improve and improve. In fact, we can find that many products are not able to reach the factory's factory inspection after the factory's inspection is in compliance with the use of the unit, and such things as overload, noise increase, use less than required, and reduced life expectancy. Problems; and the operating point or operating characteristics of the pump in the actual, we call the pump's external characteristics or system characteristics.

When designing a product, technicians often spend a lot of time trying to improve the efficiency of a product. If the pump operation deviates from the design's high efficiency point, the actual operating efficiency is far more than 1%. At present, the pump manufacturer also supports the control equipment and complete sets of equipment including the frequency conversion at the same time for users, and has actually been involved in the pursuit of the pump's external characteristics. On this basis, the focus on the pump's centralized control system and the improvement of the pump and pump station's operating efficiency is a further improvement in the pump's external characteristics.

From a sales point of view, selling products is the inherent characteristic of selling pumps; and focusing on the external characteristics of pumps is that manufacturers not only promote products, but also sell pump stations (sets of projects). From a usage point of view, a good product must be a product suitable for the operating environment rather than a factory-tested product.

Just like the development of science and technology, at the present stage, the interdisciplinary and marginal disciplines in the field of science and technology are becoming more and more abundant, and interdisciplinary research is common, and the technological development as a pump product is also the same. Taking a shielded pump as an example, to cancel the shaft seal problem of the pump, it must be started from the motor structure. It is not limited to the pump itself. It solves the noise problem of the pump, and in addition to solving the flow state and vibration of the pump, it also needs to be solved. The noise of motor blades and the noise of electromagnetic fields; to improve the reliability of submersible pumps, measures such as leakage protection and overload protection must be added to the submersible motors; the operating efficiency of pumps must be improved by the use of control technologies. All of these indicate that to develop the pump technology level, we must start from the supporting motor, control technology and other aspects at the same time, comprehensive consideration to maximize the comprehensive level of mechatronics.

Over the past decade or so, the use of new materials and new processes has been a major factor in the development of pump technology. Pump materials from cast iron to special metal alloys, rubber products, ceramics and other typical non-metallic materials to engineering plastics, have played a prominent role in solving the pump's corrosion resistance, wear resistance, high temperature and other environments. At the same time, the use of new processes will better enable new materials to be applied to pump components and even to the entire pump. For example, some foreign companies have designed and launched pumps made of all engineering plastics. Compared with the pump produced with general metal materials, it is not inferior in strength and superior in corrosion resistance and wear resistance. Another example is the use of new surface coating technology and surface treatment technology, which can also solve the pump's anti-corrosion and anti-wear problems. With the further development of new materials and the in-depth application of new processes, applications in the pump sector will become more extensive.

Cabinet Type Air Handling Unit

Face the air intake opening, if the pipe connection and service panel are on the left side, the unit will be considered as left connection, otherwise will be right side.


1.Air handing unit applies colorful steel and galvanized panel as its interior and exterior panel. Inner stuff is the high density polyurethane foam,double pillar and tenon structure that ensures the strength of the unit and low air leakage.

2.High efficiency and low resistance nylon filter that reduce the power consumption obviously. Easy cleaning and simple operation; at the same time, higher level panel filter is optional too.

3.Coil applies pure and seamless copper tube and hydrophilic aluminum fin. Copper tube is under 12MPa water pressure expanding that can adapt to all kind of high pressure and no leakage, as well as ensure the lowest contact thermal resistance and highest heat transfer efficiency.

4.All fans in the unit are selected by professional software to ensure the best condition. Minimize the air volume and air pressure loose after meeting with the customer's requirements. Also ensure the good airflow and reduce the air duct noise.

5.Cabinet type air handling unit wish small size, low noise. It is widely applied in the comfortable Air Conditioning system such as the hostel, commercial building, office and underground railway application.

Cabinet Type Air Handling Unit

Cabinet Type Air Handling Unit

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