Mitsubishi Heavy Industries develops marine exhaust gas power generation equipment

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries recently announced that it has developed a device that uses the exhaust gas emitted from marine diesel engines to generate electricity. The device can provide all necessary power for the life of the crew and the control of the ship during the navigation of the ship, and can save about 3% of fuel consumption. This device is called a supercharger. It is used to help the combustion after being installed in the generator, which can improve the efficiency of the engine. On this basis, the wind turbine of the exhaust gas is used to generate electricity.

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries will work with the Japanese Postship, Global Shipbuilding, and Hitachi Shipbuilding to commercialize the device. After the trial operation in 2011, it began to go on sale.

The price of this supercharger has not been determined. Mitsubishi Heavy Industries said that it can recover the investment after 3 to 5 years. It is expected that not only new ships, but also existing ships will have the need for replacement installation.

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